Motivational Monday: Whenever You Say Yes to Something, You Are Saying No to Something Else

Motivational Monday: Whenever You Say Yes to Something, You Are Saying No to Something Else

We are back with another Motivational Monday where we take a break from looking at the science of the ketogenic diet and work on improving our mindset to maximize our longterm success.

One of the most powerful tools I use when making any decision but especially when deciding what to eat is instead of thinking about what I’m saying yes to, I instead think about all the things I am saying No to instead.  You can’t do everything so it pays to be very selective about what you do and what you eat in order to get the maximum benefit from your actions.

For instance, one of the things I struggle with most in this way of eating isn’t the desserts.  In fact Easter was yesterday and we had a ton of desserts available after dinner, every one of them sugar free and high fat.  The recipes for which can be found in my Ketogenic Dessert book available here.

No, my biggest challenge is Coke Zero.  While I know it is technically sugar free, I also know that the Ace K sweetener in it can cause an insulin reaction.  A small reaction but one that has the power to slow down my weight loss.  One of the mental tricks I have used to overcome this temptation is to work through exactly what I am wanting to say yes to AND exactly what I am saying No to.  Mentally it looks like this.

When I say Yes to Coke Zero, I am saying yes to:

  • an acidic drink that will decay my teeth
  • a sludgy mix of chemicals that am not sure about the long term effects on my health
  • A massive dose of sodium that can raise my BP (I already have issues with this)
  • a rise in my insulin levels without a corresponding rise in blood sugar levels
  • something that can dehydrate me and tax my kidneys
  • something that is not in the long term best interest of my health

And what I am saying No to is:

  • Water – this will keep my hydrated and satisfy my thirst
  • Coffee – I can put some fat in it if I’m feeling hungry
  • Tea – Probably my favorite thing to drink
  • Club Soda – All the benefits of water but with bubbles

Logically thinking through the issue like this can give me the emotional distance I need from a craving to make a good decision.

This can be applied to anything you are going are craving.  Whenever you say Yes to something, you are by definition saying No to something else or multiple other things.  Think through those No’s and see if there is a better solution for you.

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