Sugar Free Butternut Squash Recipe!

Sugar Free Butternut Squash Recipe!

Butternut Squash was something that was never really on the menu growing up and because of that, it was never on the menu for my family once I was in charge of the cooking.  In fact it was a bit intimidating at the grocery store because it looked like something a bit exotic and difficult to cook.  That all changed a few years ago when I decided to pick one up and just see what I could do with it.  It took a few tries to find something I could do with it that my kids would like but eventually we settled on a cinnamon-nutmeg mixture that was easy to make and tasted wonderful.  I hope you like it as well!

If you decide to make this for your family, please send me a picture.  I’d love to feature it on my blog or Instagram page.  Also remember to subscribe to my Youtube channel or daily email to never miss a recipe.  Please enjoy!


Sugar Free Butternut Squash
Recipe type: Side Dish
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 6-8 Servings
My quick and delicious Butternut Squash recipe with no added sugar
  • 1 Butternut Squash
  • ½ Stick Butter
  • 1 Tbsp Cinnamon
  • ¾ Tbsp Nutmeg
  • 1 Tsp salt
  1. Peel Butternut Squash and cut into 1" Squares
  2. Place squares in pan, add butter in 1 Tsp pieces
  3. Sprinkle Spices over top of squash
  4. Bake in preheated oven on 375° for 30 minutes until fork slides through squash


That Sugar Film Review

That Sugar Film Review

I finally took the time to sit down and watch That Sugar Film this week and I thought you might like to hear my thoughts on it.  I really liked most of it but had a few issues with a few bits and pieces.  You can watch my full review below and I’ll type up the highlights if you’d prefer to read them.


That Sugar Film is the story of documentarian Damon Gameau’s decision to eat 40 tsp of sugar a day, the sugar consumption of the average Australian.  If you’ve seen Super Size Me, you are already familiar with the layout of the film because it’s very close to the same pattern except with sugar as the villain instead of McDonalds.

The Good

It’s Entertaining – The one thing that is immediately clear as you watch this film is that great effort has gone in to making this film as entertaining as possible from start to finish.  There are musical numbers, sketches, short but compelling stories and a throughline of the effect of sugar on Gameau’s body and life.

It’s Visual – Rarely do we get any kind of fact or statistic given to us that it doesn’t also have some kind of visual aid to help us grasp what is going on.  When we are told Australians eat 40 tsp of sugar a day, we get 40 tsp of sugar stacked on a table.  At one point, instead of eating the food with the sugar included, he eats food without sugar and spoons on an equivalent amount of sugar and eats it like that.  For instance, instead of eating a granola bar, he eats the same amount of sugar in a granola bar sandwiched between 2 watercress crackers in a sugar sandwich.  It’s actually a little stomach-turning to watch.

We See the Stories of Several Different People Groups – From Aboriginal tribes on the Outback to Kentucky teens in the Appalachian Mountains, we see how sugar effects people across the globe.

The Bad

Do People Really Eat 40 Tsp of Sugar a Day? – When I saw that pile of sugar that Australians supposedly eat per day, my jaw dropped.  That was a HUGE amount of sugar!  But when I decided to do some research after the film, I couldn’t find anything to substantiate that claim. What I read put it at about 19 tsp a day, or less than half of what Gameau claimed.  That’s still a lot of sugar but let’s get our facts straight.

Can Mountain Dew Cause That Much Damage by 18? – There was a Kentucky teenager in the film who drank Mountain Dew his entire life and had the most awful looking mouth I have ever seen in my life.  The teeth he still had were rotten and black but mostly it was just a mouth full of bloody gums.  I’ve known people that have consumed soft drinks for twice as long as this kid and they don’t have teeth anywhere near like this.  But you know who does have teeth like that?  Meth users.  You know where you can find all the meth you want for dirt cheap? Kentucky.  I don’t know anything about this kid and I might be totally wrong, but that sure looked a lot more like meth-mouth than Mountain Dew-mouth.

Experts? – There were interviews from credentialed and respected nutritionists, dietitians, and food and health reporters that had very good things to say.  There were also interviews from people that really had no business in any kind of serious documentary.  I go into detail in the video above but the documentary did a terrible job of letting you know which people in the interviews you should listen to and respect their opinion and who have not done any research whatsoever and are generally considered crackpots by the larger scientific community.  It was so bad that I really had to question a lot of other information in the documentary because he did such a bad job of bringing reputable experts in to give their insights.

The Verdict

Bottom line, I liked this film.  It’s fast paced, has great information, and is easy to watch and digest.  While it covers a lot of the same ground as other anti-sugar documentaries, Gameau has his own spin on it and adds his personal spin on it.  I would definitely check it out, especially if you have Amazon Prime because it’s totally free.

What did you think?  Let me know in the comments.

What’s Sugar Free at the Grocery Store: Ice Cream Edition!

What's Sugar Free at the Grocery Store: Ice Cream Edition!

It’s time for another What’s Sugar Free at the Grocery Store post where we pick one section of the grocery store and look at every item to see what contains no added sugar.  This week we are looking at the Ice Cream aisle for the primary reason that if I’m going to have a little treat, it’s probably going to be ice cream.  Memories of me sitting at the kitchen table sharing a bowl of Blue Bell with my Grandpa are etched strongly on my psyche and so ice cream has kind of become my go-to snack.

Please keep in mind that I’m in no way saying that these are products are so healthy that you can have a bowl every night and not see weight gain. I’m just saying that if you are going to buy some ice cream for you or your family, you might be better off buying one of the varieties below.  Also the sugar replacements are listed next to the items so you can compare it to our good and bad list of sugars and sugar substitutes.


Breyer’s No Sugar Added – Contains Maltodextrin and Sucralose (Available varieties: Mint Chip Swirl, Salted Caramel Swirl, Vanilla, Neapolitan, and Butter Pecan)


Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Ice Cream – Contains Maltodextrin, Polydextrose, Sorbitol, and Sucralose (Available Varieties of Ice Cream: Vanilla, Cherry Vanilla, Chocolate, Double Strawberry, Brownie Sundae, Caramel Toffee Crunch, Bunny Tracks, Butter Pecan, Mint Chocolate Chip, Banana Split)

Blue Bunny Sweet Freedom Novelties – Contains Maltodextrin, Polydextrose, Sorbitol, and Sucralose (Available Varieties: Vanilla Krunch Ice Cream Bar,Fudge Bars, Ice Cream Sandwiches, Vanilla Bars, Ice Cream Cones)


Sugar Free Popsicles – Contains Maltodextrin and Aspertame  (Available Varieties: Orange, Cherry, Grape; Tropicals; Original Cream Pops

2/24 Weightloss Wednesday: Things are Continuing!

Weightloss Wednesday - 2-24

It’s been an odd week and I haven’t been able to weigh myself for the last few days so I don’t really know where I am in terms of my weight loss.  However, I did find a new exercise app call Sworkit that I’ve really enjoyed using the last few days.  Here’s my check-in for the week!


Sugar Free Red Pasta Sauce Recipe!

Sugar Free Red Pasta Sauce Recipe!

Before my wife and I cut out the sugar from our diet, spaghetti night was always a staple in our weekly meal plan.  We always just browned some hamburger meat, threw in a jar of Ragu and spooned it all over spaghetti noddles.  It took minutes to make and everyone loved it.  But now that we were getting rid of all the processed carbs and sugars, we knew that the spaghetti had to go so we invested in a little kitchen tool that turns zucchini into thin strips that do a reasonable job of passing for spaghetti.

So imagine our dismay when we head to the store to get some sauce to go over our noodles when we realize our old friend Ragu was full of sugar.  No big deal, there are dozens of sauces on the store so we moved down to the Prego and discovered the same thing.  Then Hunt’s, then Barilla, then Bertolli and so on until we finally had to come to grips with the fact that virtually all the red pasta sauces on the shelf contained added sugar.  Fortunately, we had a family recipe for Spaghetti Sauce that Dian would cook all day in the Crockpot but I really needed something a lot faster.  Something that could go from raw ingredients to finished product in about 20 minutes so that was what I set out to discover.

This Sugar Free Red Pasta Sauce Recipe is what I’ve come up with.  Nothing revolutionary, just simple ingredients that taste great when combined.  I hope it serves your family as well as it has mine.  I usually serve this over spaghetti squash now instead of the zucchini noodles so I’ve included the “How to Cook Spaghetti Squash” video below.

Please remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel or my daily email to never miss a recipe and if you like this and make it for your family, send me a pic and let me know how it went!  Thanks.


Sugar Free Red Pasta Sauce Recipe
Recipe type: Dinner
Cuisine: Italian
Prep time: 
Cook time: 
Total time: 
Serves: 4 People
A Sugar Free Spaghetti sauce
  • 1 28oz can of Crushed Tomatoes
  • 1 Tbsp Olive Oil
  • 2 Lg Onion, diced
  • 2 Cloves of Garlic, diced
  • 1 Cup Mushrooms, sliced
  • ½ Tbsp Kosher Salt
  • ½ Tbsp Oregano
  • 5 Basil Leaves, chopped. ( or ½ Tsp dried Basil)
  • 1 lb Hamburger Meat, browned and drained
  1. Put Olive oil in Lg Sauce Pan, add Onion and cook over medium heat for about 3 minutes
  2. Add Garlic and Mushrooms, cook over medium heat for 10 minutes until onions are soft and translucent
  3. Add all other ingredients except for meat, bring to a boil and then simmer for 10 minutes
  4. Add meat, stir and serve over noodles, Spaghetti Squash, or other pasta substitute


8 Sugar Detox Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy!

Sugar Detox

8 Sugar Detox Tips That Will Help You Lose Weight and Get Healthy!

After a year or so of cutting the sugar out of my diet, I’ve learned a few tips and tricks you can use to detox your life, your home, and your body from sugar.  I will warn you though, it wasn’t easy at the beginning.  I remember craving something sweet every night for about 2 weeks but I just had to muscle through and make it work.  Once I was on the other side of it though, it was a lot easier and I rarely have any kind of sugar cravings any more.

In fact, just the other day I was walking through Walmart looking at the candy next to the register and remembering the huge pull it used to have on me.  (God help you if you got between me and anything with caramel or peanut butter!)  Now, those brightly wrapped sugar bombs don’t have any hold on me and don’t spark any kind of cravings at all.

It wasn’t easy to get here but at least now I know all the things I should have done to make my life easier and can share this bit of wisdom with you.

How to Get Your Sugar Detox Started

Set a Goal – Having a positive goal to shoot for was crucial for me.  Pick a length of time like 30 or 60 days to start with.  For what ever reason, having an end date was important because I felt like I was running toward a finish line instead of in an endless marathon.  Now, once I got to the end I was so amazed at the effects of going sugar free that I just kept going but during that detox phase, I really needed an end date.

Clean out Your Pantry – 80% of the products sold at the grocery store have added sugar so chances are, you have some in your home.  Once you get your first craving, you don’t want anything with sugar nearby you can eat in a moment of weakness.  Check your spice blends also, things like Garlic Salt or Seasoned Salt frequently have sugar listed in the ingredients.

Prepare Your Meals – You don’t need to have every meal pre-cooked before you start but you do need to think through the recipes you normally make and see if they can still be eaten.  For instance, if you like spaghetti with pasta sauce, you need to realize that most red sauces at the grocery store contain sugar.  You need to either buy a sauce without sugar or make your own.  (A crazy easy recipe I use is a 28oz can of crushed tomatoes in a pot, add salt, garlic, chopped onions, and basil.  Bring to a boil and then leave on a low simmer for maybe 15 minutes covered.  Then avoid the carbs from the spaghetti by pouring over a cooked spaghetti squash.  You can see what I’m talking about here)  Then do a little research for some other sugar free recipes and be prepared to make them.

Be Prepared for Cravings – I always made sure to have snacks with a high fat content on hand for when any cravings hit.  Almond butter on a celery stick was a big player as well as lightly salted nuts.  Sometimes I would have raw nuts in a bag, pour melted butter over them with some sea salt and maybe a little nutmeg or cinnamon and shake them up.  I also kept Sugar Free Torani Syrup around and made coffee with a little cream as a bit of a nightcap.  Just be careful not to overeat.

Once You’ve Started Your Sugar Detox

Get Accountability – Find someone you trust that you can talk to about your sugar free journey.  Whether that be a spouse, a partner, or just someone in an online forum, there are people out there that want you to succeed.  You can even write me and let me know what’s going on, I’d love to hear from you!

Drink Lots of Water – Many times, what your brain interprets as a hunger pang is really a sign of slight dehydration.  Keep a travel cup of water on hand all the time to stay satiated.

Experiment with Your Cooking – You are already trying new recipes so go nuts with it.  Get ambitious and keep your meals interesting.  You can see what I’ve been doing for my meals here.

White Knuckle It – I know, I know.  No one likes to hear this tip and I certainly don’t like to give it.  There were times, especially in those first few weeks, when I would have sold my soul for a bowl of ice cream.  I wasn’t hungry so I didn’t really want nuts or another snack, I just wanted sugar.  There really wasn’t anything I could do but muscle through and wait for the feeling to subside.  I hope by me telling you this, you won’t be as blindsided as I was by the sugar cravings.

Be Prepared to Be a Pain at Restaurants – I am now a strong believer that every restaurant should have to list their food’s ingredients just like other food companies have to.  It’s very annoying to have to ask the waiter if there in any sugar or HFCS in the food or seasonings and they don’t often know.  A regular feature on this blog is provide lists of What’s Sugar Free at Restaurants because I want to know that stuff also but I’m nowhere close to researching every restaurant and I’ll probably never have your favorite little hole in the wall around the corner covered.  You are just going to have to ask.

If You Slip Up, Don’t Give Up – Chances are, you are going to fail at some point.  (Although you shouldn’t take this as license to fail) That’s ok, everyone slips up just don’t use it as an excuse to give up.  Get back on the horse and keep moving on towards your goal.

I certainly hope these Sugar Detox tips will help cut the sugar out of your life.  I think it’s also important to remember that when you cut out the sugar, you aren’t losing anything of any nutritional value.  Your body can get along just fine without sugar and once you move through the craving stage, you will hardly even miss it.

I also have a printable checklist of 8 Steps to Cut Sugar Out of Your Life that might also be helpful if you are interested.

Have you started your own Sugar Free Journey?  Tell me about it in the comments!

Sugar Detox Pin


My Sugar Free Meal Plan for February 18th – February 24th

My Sugar Free Meal Plan pin (2) (1) (1)

Here is my sugar free meal plan for this week!  This week Kroger has a boneless chuck roast on sale for $2.99/lb and Safeway has Pork Chops for $1.49/lb so I think this will be a great week for frugal meals.

Thursday February 18th

Chicken Vegetable Soup.  (It’s just chopped chicken breasts and steamed veggies covered in my homemade chicken broth.  Very tasty.)

Friday February 19th

Rosemary Garlic Pork Loin with Sauteed Cabbage and Corn

Saturday February 20th

Pan Fried Pork Chops with Onions and steamed broccoli with grated cheese on top on the side

Sunday February 21st

Boneless Chuck Roast in the Crockpot with Onions, Carrots and Green Beans

Monday February 22nd

Grilled Chicken (if it stays warm) with corn on the cob

Tuesday February 23rd

Stuffed Bell Peppers with Garlic Parmesan Zucchini Spears on the side

Wednesday February 24th

Leftover night

2/17 Weightloss Wednesday!

Weightloss Wednesday 2-17

It’s time for another Weightloss Wednesday!  This morning I hit the scales at 281.3 which is 18.7 lbs down from the first of the year.  In this week’s video I talk about some adjustments I made during the week and the effect of my diet on my Blood Pressure.  I hope you find it useful and remember to subscribe to the YouTube channel to never miss a video!




What’s Sugar Free and Keto Friendly at Starbucks?

What's Sugar Free at Starbucks?

Looking for more great low carb menu items

at your favorite restaurants?

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This week we are looking at What’s Sugar Free at Starbucks.  This was an important thing for me to figure out because it always seems like I end up at Starbucks for all kinds of meetings or social events and just black coffee with cream was getting a little old.

Sometimes you just want to order that Grande coffee in a venti cup with 2 pumps Sugar-Free hazelnut, 2 pumps Sugar-Free vanilla, 2 pumps Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dulce, 2 equals and 4 Sweet and Lows filled to the top with cream, with extra cream on the side, double cupped with no sleeve, a stir stick, and stopper put in the top like all the other people I’m there with.  (Just kidding, if anyone I’m with orders anything even close to this, I leave and delete their contact info from my phone.) 🙂

So Starbucks is a little different than the other restaurants we’ve covered in that all their drinks are assembled piece by piece so you can make most of their drinks sugar free just by requesting one of their sugar free syrups instead of what they normally put in there.

Currently the available sugar free syrups are Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon Dulce, and Mocha and they also have special Holiday flavors like Peppermint that are only available at certain times of the year and of course you can always ask to have your drink sweetened with Splenda.  

Unfortunately, the whipped cream has sugar and there doesn’t appear to be a sugar free option for this.

So here are your Sugar Free options at Starbucks.


How much Sugar is in the New Starbucks Unicorn drink?

I got this question in my email today.  Short answer? A buttload.  Like, a massive truckload of sugar. 

A 16-ounce Unicorn Frappe contains 410 calories, 16 grams of fat, and 59 grams of sugar, while the 24-ounce version has 500 calories, 18 grams of fat, and a mind-blowing 76 grams of sugar.  

This isn’t a good choice if you are trying to cut out sugar, you would be better off eating an entire large pizza and honestly, I bet it would taste better.

Sugar Free Drinks at Starbucks

  • Frappuccino – Request it sugar free with one of the sugar free syrups listed above (Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon Dulce, or Mocha)
  • Fresh Coffee – Of course you can get this with cream and/or Splenda but if you want a little extra flavor, add one of the sugar free syrups
  • Kid’s Drinks – They will steam milk and add one of the sugar free syrups, just be sure they don’t put the flavored drizzle on top.
  • Iced Coffee – Again, same as the fresh coffee above
  • Hot Chocolate – Just order it with the sugar free mocha syrup and take off the chocolate sauce drizzle
  • Iced Tea – The Tea can be unsweet or sweetened with Splenda but unfortunately the lemonade is pre-sweetened so no Arnold Palmers

Sugar Free Food at Starbucks

  • Egg & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich – Just remove the bread
  • Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich – Take bacon and bread off
  • Spicy Chorizo, Monterey Jack & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Take the bread off but the Chorizo only contains dextrose, no fructose
  • Chicken Artichoke on Ancient Grain Flatbread – Just remove the bread.
  • Omega-3 Bistro Box – Just don’t eat the chocolate or cranberries in the trail mix
  • Protein Bistro Box – Just don’t eat the side of honey peanut butter spread or the pita bread.

Remember you can find the full list of restaurants we’ve covered here.  Thanks!

2nd Update: 

Would you like to make most of these drinks at home? 

Here’s how.  First, get yourself a decent coffee pot.  I use the Ninja coffee pot mostly because this easy frother makes for easy froth for your lattes.

Next, get yourself some Starbucks coffee, then some sugar free Torani syrups for flavoring. 

Then it’s just a matter of experimenting and getting the drink you want!  (At a fraction of the cost!)

3rd Update: 

I sent a note to Starbucks to specifically ask which syrups they still carried that were sugar free. 

Here is the response I got.

Hello Aarn,

Thank you for contacting Starbucks. I just finished reading your email and appreciate you taking the time to share your concerns with us.

Aarn, I will be more than happy to take care of your question.

Vanilla (available sugar-free)
Caramel (available sugar-free)
Cinnamon dolce (available sugar-free)
hazelnut (available sugar-free)
Peppermint (available sugar-free seasonally)

Thanks again for writing us. If you ever have any questions or concerns in the future, please don’t hesitate to get in touch!

Have a lovely day!

Maria E.
Starbucks Customer Care


A Reddit user made a list of more great Keto friendly things you can see here but I will copy and paste it below as well because Reddit posts are notoriously hard to find after a few weeks.

As a Starbucks barista doing Keto, I’ve had to improvise a bunch during my time here! Here are some of the tips I’ve picked up along the way.


Here are some of the drinks that I order

  • Iced Tea w/ an Infusion and no Liquid Cane Sugar.
    • This is my go-to order! In terms of teas, we have Black, Green, White, and Passion tea (an herbal tea).
    • We also have our infusions! In these guides, I always see the Iced tea mentioned but never the infusions. The infusions are really just herbal teas and they can completely change the flavor of your drink! We have Pineapple, Peach, and Strawberry (some locations may vary). You can combine and of them with the teas and it will likely turn out amazing! (I personally haven’t tried any of them with the passion tea)
    • When ordering, just ask for your tea with the infusion and unsweetened. For Example, “Venti Iced Green Tea with the Pineapple Infusion and unsweetened”
  • Hot Teas and Coffee
    • Our hot teas and drip coffee come unsweetened by default. You can get whatever you want. You can also ask them to steam a little bit of heavy cream on top. Make sure to specify a little bit, otherwise they might make it a “misto” Which is half coffee/tea and half heavy cream.
  • Iced Coffee/Cold Brew
    • There is a lot you can do with iced coffee and cold brew. Our Iced coffee get classic syrup by default, so be sure to specify that you want it “unsweetened.”
    • We currently have two sugar free syrups, Cinnamon Dolce and Vanilla. I personally recommend the vanilla (not a big fan of the cinnamon dolce). We also have a “skinny” mocha. The skinny mocha is sugar free, but it is sweetened with sucralose, which can affect blood sugar levels, so it’s best to consume this in moderation. By the way, it can successfully kill a chocolate/mocha craving. 🙂
    • If your are getting a sugar free syrup/skinny mocha, make sure to specify the number of pumps you want depending on the size. I recommend 2 for a tall, 3 for a grande, and 4 for a venti of sugar free syrups and 1 of skinny mocha in a tall/grande and 2 in a venti.
    • You can also ask for light Heavy Cream or light Almond Milk on top.
  • Keto “Pink Drink”
    • Now, let me start this by saying this taste absolutely NOTHING like our normal pink drink, so don’t expect it to. Although it is a close color and tastes very intriguing. In order to order it, ask for this:
    • [Tall,Grande,Venti] Iced Passion Tea with No Liquid Cane Sugar, [2,3,4] pumps of sugar free vanilla and light heavy cream on top.
    • If you want it to look more like the Pink Drink, You can ask them to add the Freeze Dried strawberries to it.
  • Keto Carmel Macchiato.
    • This drink will likely be higher in carbs than the previous options, coming in around 5-6 grams of carbs. Also, I wouldn’t recommend anything bigger than a grande. A grande would probably have 6-8 grams of carbs in it, a tall would be around 3-6. Also, the hot version will have more carbs than the iced version because there is more milk. Ask for it like this:
    • [Tall,Grande] Skinny Caramel Machiato with almond milk and no caramel drizzle.
    • if it fits your macros, you can ask for light caramel drizzle, which will add about 2-3 carbs to your drink.
    • Our almond milk has 5 grams of carbs per cup. A tall iced will likely have about 5oz of almond milk while the hot will have around 10oz.
    • You can ask for heavy whipping cream (around 7g of carbs per cup) but it will also have over 800 calories for a cup. Additionally, you can go half heavy cream half almond milk if you’d like.
  • Keto Mocha
    • This is a great option for those occasional Chocolate cravings. Half and Half steams a lot better than heavy cream, so if you can spare the carbs, go with “breve” over heavy cream (it will also have significantly less carbs.
    • How I order it: Short mocha with three pumps of skinny mocha. Breve
    • You can adjust the pumps of mocha to your taste.
  • Keto Doubleshot.
    • One of my go-to drinks that I still enjoy every time. I love this drink. A venti doubleshot will have five shots of espresso shaken with ice in a shaker then topped off with 2% milk. Simply substitute the 2% with light heavy cream or almond milk! I like to flavor mine with sf vanilla, but play around with the recipe to find what you like!
    • How I order: Venti Starbucks Doubleshot on Ice Unsweetened with almond milk and sugar free vanilla.

Things to Eat:

If you ever have to eat at Starbucks, im sorry! We don’t have that many options. Here are some of my go-tos though

  • The inside of a panini! I usually get either the turkey pesto pannini or the chicken and double smoked bacon and eat the insides of it. The turkey pesto is relatively filling if you combine it with a drink from above.
  • Most Starbucks will have almonds, some sort of cheese, or a cheese and salami tray.
  • The Egg and cheese protein box. leaving the fruit.
  • The new meal sized BLT Turkey protein box. I leave the bread off.
  • On occasion ill get the Bacon sous vide egg bites, but very rarely. I usually rub a pat of butter on them and eat them. Beware that they do have 9g of carbs for both (11g from the egg white bites)
  • Edit: Moon Cheese!: These crunchy little cheese balls are amazing and are 100% cheese! I eat these every time my store gets it in but we always sell out! It truly is a godsend when you miss that “crunchy” texture! Also great in salad and other foods

General Tips:

  • If you think your Iced Tea is too watery, ask for no water! We usually put 50% tea and 50% water and then add ice! I personally never get water in my teas.
  • If you want Splenda or another sweetener in your tea, ask the barista to shake it into the tea, it will usually taste better because it will be more dissolved/incorporated in.
  • On that note, always make sure your tea is shaken! All us barista SHOULD shake the teas but sometimes we forget (and some baristas don’t at all) but it definitely WILL make it better! Especially with the infusions.

Things To Note:

  • Our Almond Milk only has 5g of carbs per 8 ounces, making it one of the lowest carb milk options we have.
    • Coconut milk has 8g per 8 ounces
    • Soy has 13g per 8 ounces
  • Our Teas and Iced Coffee’s come with syrup in the recipe, but we can remove it upon request!
  • We have two sugar free syrups currently available: Vanilla and Cinnamon Dolce
  • If you’re feeling fancy, we can make you a pour-over, which is where we brew a coffee fresh for you using the “pour-over” method. You can choose any of our coffees (some stores have more variety than others)
  • Our whipped cream is Heavy Cream and regular vanilla syrup, so it does have a good amount of carbs. However, it is fresh and delicious, so you can ask for just a little bit on top of your drink if it fits your macros.
  • Your barista is willing to help you! Just be nice and let them know you cannot eat sugar and ask them for a suggestion!

Things To Avoid:

  • Frappuccinos. It doesn’t matter if you get it “light”. The light base has 50% less sugar than the regular one, but it still have enough sugar to knock you out of ketosis. While you can ask for any drink blended, They won’t stick together and the liquid will separate from the blended ice.
  • Refreshers: Bottom line, our refreshers have a lot sugar. making them not suitable for Keto.
  • Stevia: Our stevia is mixed with fructose and has 2g of carbs per packet.
  • Breakfast Sandwich “Insides”: The eggs inside the breakfast sandwiches all have carbs due to the mixture used. This includes the wraps.
  • Any regular syrup: This one is kind of self-explanatory, But you’d be surprised how many people say they are low carb and ask for “only three pumps”. On average, each pump of our regular syrups have 4-6g of carbs.
  • White Mocha: There is no skinny version of this.
  • Matcha: Our matcha is a mix that comes pre-sweetened.
  • Chai: Our chai mix has a ton of carbs. Even the lightly sweet chai has carbs. However, our chai tea bags have no carbs.

Be sure to drop any questions in the comments! I’ll try to answer them all! I hope your guys found this helpful. Ill try to update this as I remember more details.

Additionally, please feel free to comment what you get at Starbucks, I can add it to this guide to help other users!

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