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My Interview on the Vinnie Tortorich Podcast

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Something I never mentioned before, but We found out las January that Clark had a abnormality in the lower chamber of his heart … Prognosis was 5 years. Anyway (writing this through tears), doctors recommended whole natural non-processed foods and daily exercise. We both heeded his warning and immediately started eating better quality foods. Somehow I found your site and I started LCHF and then Clark wanted to follow suit. (He was eating healthy choices but not low carb). The story ends with … he’s met his goal weight and the cardiologist said his lower chamber is back in the normal range. So giving you a ketonix or a pair of pants in place of you giving me my husband … enough said. God bless you and your family for giving back to all that you reach! – Sharon Cannon

My family has struggled for years at dieting and while we knew that sugar was an issue (maybe not to the full extent) we didn’t think cutting it out completely would be possible. Finding your videos and articles has got me so excited. And I have to tell you that not even an hour before finding it, I said a desperate prayer to God asking for His help in losing weight! Thank you! – Cassie Dows


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