Why Jillian Michaels is Wrong About the Ketogenic Diet

Jillian Michaels put out a video on why the Ketogenic diet is bad for you. The video is very poorly researched and shows that while Jillian is great at counting backwards from 10 and screaming at people, her command of the facts of Ketosis are fairly limited. This will make more sense if you watch […]

How Long Do Ketogenic Diet Side Effects Last?

Getting started on an LCHF or Ketogenic diet can be a little challenging for most people that have spent a lifetime on crappy high carb foods.  It’s not uncommon to feel a little lethargic and start going through some serious carb withdrawals.  I remember sitting at my computer the first week of my new way […]

What is The Difference Between Being in Ketosis and Being Fat Adapted?

This was a question that came up in my Facebook group a while ago and I knew I wanted to write about the answer here.  I think this is an important question because the terms often get used interchangeably and they aren’t.  They each have a specific definition that we should be familiar with. What […]

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