7 Harmful Effects of Sugar

The effects of sugar on the body are numerous and well-documented and very few of them are positive.  Consumed in small amounts, sugar is harmless and an great source of energy.  However, we’ve passes the “small an\mount” stage as a culture and sugar is now in almost everything we eat.  The human body was never […]

New Report: Fructose More Toxic in Mice (and You!) Than Table Sugar

The University of Utah released the results of a study proving that Fructose is more toxic in mice (and presumably us) than the Fructose-Sucrose mix of table sugar.   The study also suggested that the problems caused by a high level of Fructose in the diet were worse for female mice, reducing the rate of reproduction […]

How to Break Your Sugar Addiction–Step 2: Eliminate Bad Habits

So we’ve looked at a 5 step process to break the sugar addiction and discussed how crucial it is to have the right attitude, now let’s look how to eliminate habits associated with eating sugar. Step 1. – Identify the Habits You know, before this whole process started with me, I would have bet you […]

How to Break Your Sugar Habit – Step 1: Have the Right Attitude

How to Break Your Sugar Habit – Step 1: Have the Right Attitude We looked at our 5 step process to break your Sugar Habit a few weeks ago, now let’s break each of these steps down.  The first and most important step is to have the right attitude. How you look at getting rid […]

5 Steps to Break Your Sugar Addiction!

So last week we looked how to tell if you have a sugar addiction and if you were being honest, you probably saw you have a problem.  So now you know that sugar is dangerous and you are addicted to it, now what? I’m not going to lie, it’s pretty tough to break the habit.  […]

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