The Sugar Free And Ketogenic Diet Books!

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This is a list of all the books I have reviewed or had the authors on my podcast.  If you are looking for a primer on the ketogenic/LCHF lifestyle, I recommend one of the first 3 books on the list.

The Big Fat Surprise – An incredibly eye-opening book about how we were led to believe that saturated fat would give us all heart attacks. (Amazon link)

Good Calories, Bad Calories – Author Gary Taubes makes the case that weight gain is primarily a hormonal issue, not a calorie issue. (Amazon link)

Keto Clarity – Jimmy Moore gives a layman’s explanation of what a ketogenic diet is. (Amazon link)

How to Eat Paleo – The basics of the Paleo diet in an easy read book. (Amazon link) (Link to her podcast interview)

The Miracle Morning – Nothing to do with diet but a great book about how to structure your mornings for success. (Amazon Link)

The Complete Guide to Fasting – Jimmy Moore and Dr Jason Fung collaborate to educate about Intermittent Fasting (Amazon Link) (Link to Podcast interview)