Eat Yourself Happy and The Problem With Eggs

I get so much stuff in my inboxes that I want to comment on and can never find the time.  I’ve decided to make a short video where I can rant into the camera and not have to write a long post.  Hope you enjoy it.

Nutritional psychiatry: can you eat yourself happier? – The most revolutionary idea in psychiatry is that you can change your mental outlook by changing your diet.

The combined presence of hypertension and vitamin D deficiency increased the probability of the occurrence of small vessel disease in China – Vitamin D is a proxy for getting exercise outside in the sun.  It’s not the lack of vitamin D that is causing these poor health outcomes, it’s the lack of exercise and sun exposure.

Discovering how diabetes leads to vascular disease – Interesting work on finding the chain of events that causes small vessel disease but the first link in the chain is high blood glucose.

The low-carb, high-fat ketogenic diet may boost fertility for those struggling to conceive – Great article until the last paragraph suggests switching to a Mediterranean diet pre-conception.

Nutrition Science Is Broken. This New Egg Study Shows Why – Great look at the problems of epidemiological studies.
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