This Week in Low Carb News: Harvard Doesn’t Understand Keto and WHO Hates Fat

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Every week I come across a bunch of articles I want to tweet about and comment on and every week I run out of time to do it.  This is my attempt to clear out the open tabs on my browser by putting them all in one place.

Diet Review: Ketogenic Diet for Weight Loss – Wonder why people aren’t quite sure about the Ketogenic diet?  It’s terrible articles like tis.  Here’s a taste.  “A ketogenic diet has been shown to provide short-term benefits in some people including weight loss and improvements in total cholesterol, blood sugar, and blood pressure. However, these effects after one year when compared with the effects of conventional weight loss diets are not significantly different.”  The study referenced to prove that point has this as it’s conclusion.  “Individuals assigned to a VLCKD achieve a greater weight loss than those assigned to a LFD in the long term; hence, a VLCKD may be an alternative tool against obesity.”  So how did Harvard get it wrong?  Willful ignorance to the facts.

WHO: Saturated Fat Should Be Less Than 10 Percent of Diet – Geez.  More terrible advice from a Government agency.  

MIKHAILA PETERSON: GLOBAL POSTER GIRL FOR CARNIVORE LIFESTYLE – I mentioned last week I was reading Jordan Peterson’s new book.  This interview with his daughter is a great read as well.

‘Depression is a PHYSICAL not mental illness’: Cambridge psychiatrist claims the condition is actually caused by inflammation in the brain –  Fixing inflammation fixes everything!

How your diet could influence the age of your menopause – Eating real food can postpone menopause and eating crap can make it come on sooner.

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