1/18 Weightloss Wednesday: Over 175 Lbs Down!

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It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  I tell you what, the closer I get to my goals, the funner these WLW’s become to do!  As of this morning I’m at 224.8 which means I have lost 175.2 from my heaviest and 5.2 lbs since we started the 28 Day Challenge on January 2nd.  I am amazed everyday at how well a ketogenic diet works for weight loss, it is absolutely amazing!  In fact,  my wife remarked last night that it looked like I was melting away.  So cool!

In other news, I have been using Intermittent Fasting lately, not really out of a desire to use it to lose weight but more of a time saving measure.  Now that I have a night job on top of this blog and my other one, it’s getting more difficult to find the time to do all the things I need to do and being able to skip a meal without it really bothering me is helping me find the time to do everything I need to do.  Skipping meals is definitely NOT something the old 400 lb me could have comfortable done but it still shocks me how easy it is to go 16 hours on just water, even while working a full shift doing heavy labor.

Everything else is going well and I am getting leaner every day.  I love this way of life!

1/18 Weightloss Wednesday: Over 175 Lbs Down!

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