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Weightloss Wednesday

4/25 Weightloss Wednesday: Experiment Postponed!

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!   So last week I talked about a work transfer I was excited about that would result in me having less stress and being able to see the sun.  That got postponed for another week so I won’t be able to start that until next Monday so nothing new to report unfortunately.  I am still looking forward to just working 40 hours a week and not having to work over night and what that will do for me.

So this means I didn’t restart my exercise program although my boss has made a concerted effort to get me out of the store in my scheduled 8 hours so I really don’t have an excuse this week other than I’m trying to recuperate.  I really can’t wait until I can start throwing my kettlebell around again!

I was at Walmart yesterday and found Real Good Pizza which is a low carb pizza.  I haven’t had it yet but you should follow me on Instagram and I’ll let you know what I think of it when Dian and I get around to eating them.

I know this is a short one but I don’t have anything new to report really.  How did you do this week?  Let me know in the comments below!

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4/18 Weightloss Wednesday: My Upcoming Experiment

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  For new readers (and there are a ton of you!  Almost a million page views in the last 12 months!  That’s unbelievable and thank you so much for finding me! Enough with the exclamation points already!) this is where historically I wrote about my long journey from 400 to 200 lbs.  Now that I’ve met my goal, it’s pretty much where I talk about other things I’m doing with my health.

One of the things that troubled me is that I’ve gained about 20 lbs in the last few months with my weight hovering right around 220 lbs and nothing that I was doing was making it budge.  I knew what the issue was.  Earlier this year I accepted a promotion at work that I thought was going to kill me.  I didn’t really know it at the time but I accepted a job that was going to required 60+ hours of work per week and there still wasn’t enough getting done.  Pretty much all my work earned me was the right to be yelled at by my boss about everything that didn’t get done.  I was pulling my hair out in frustration and it was affecting every other part of my life.

2 things really stood out to me as I looked back over the last few months.  #1 I was unable to find the time or energy to exercise.  If I wasn’t asleep, I was cooking food or staring at the TV but mostly I was asleep.  For instance last night was my night off.  I got home at 10 (which was REALLY early compared to when I have normally gotten home) and slept from 11ish to 8ish.  Got up and cooked dinner and then could not keep my eyes open.  Went back to sleep at midnight and got up at 4:30.  That’s about 13 hours of sleep in about 17 hours.  I shouldn’t be able to sleep that much!

#2 The stress was affecting me in other weird ways.  For instance, I sleep with a sleep mask on and one day I had a nightmare that the mask was at first a large spider on my face that turned into a bunch of smaller spiders crawling around on my face.  In sheer terror I grabbed the mask in my sleep and threw it across the room and woke up to a bleeding face with huge scratch marks across it from my nails.  I have NEVER had a nightmare in my life but the stress I was feeling kept popping up in these weird ways.

So I stepped down from my position as night manager and starting next week, I’m going to a daytime support position.  This will accomplish 2 things. #1 No one will be able to yell at me about work not getting done. (I hope) and #2 I will actually be able to see the sun and maybe live a life a little more in tune with my natural circadian rhythms.  It is my firm hope that these improvements will result in a life where I can more easily reach my health goals.

So as of right now, I’m at 217.4 lbs.  My goal is to get back down to 200, then 190 but in the short term my goal is to survive the rest of this week and then just see what happens when this work stress is removed from my life.  Hopefully my energy comes back to the point where I can return to my exercise routine and have time for the other things I want to do in my life and on this site.

One side effect of stepping down is that my pay rate will be decreased as well.  I would like to remind those of you reading this blog that you can help support me and the work I do by going to before you do any shopping at Amazon.  It won’t cost you any more and I get a small percentage of what you buy.  Or you can get a subscription to Butcher Box by going to or order your vitamins from  Any of those will help out in a small way.

How are you doing this week?  Let me know in the comments below!

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4/3 Weightloss Wednesday: My (Mostly) Zero Carb Month

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  It’s been a while since I did one of these but I wanted to talk about my experience with my Zero Carb March.  So all march I have just had meat for dinner with a few exceptions.  Twice I had a hamburger with the lettuce and tomato and yesterday I ate some Easter candy which I’ll talk more about in a minute.

A quick explanation of the hamburgers, Dian and I ordered them from a place down the street because we couldn’t cook lunch for ourselves and the meat by itself was so unappetizing that I ended up leaving the veggies on and using some mustard to make it palatable.  I have no regrets doing this because it was just not good.  Nor was it good the next day when I did the exact same thing.  Why would we order from the same restaurant after I knew I didn’t like it?  Well that should give you some insight into just how much say I have over anything in this house when Dian is involved. 🙂

As for the candy, this was a little more interesting because several things conspired together to make that happen.  First of all, the Easter candy was on clearance and I am so cheap that I find it difficult to pass up a deal.  Second of all, I noticed that cravings for sugar were a little stronger than normal as the month progressed and I have no idea why.  If this was a side effect of zero carb, it was certainly an unexpected one.  Or maybe it was just my own lack of self-control.  I have no idea.

As for weight loss. there was none.  I started off well with about a 10 lb loss in the first week but then it started to creep back up to the 220 I started at.  I’m starting to think it is just my destiny to be 220 forever.  Sure would like to see 180 though!  As for how I feel, I feel great.  No lack of energy or a feeling of any nutritional deficiencies.  I have debated sticking with this for another month just to see wh at happens but I’m not totally sold on the idea.  Whatever I decide, I’ll let you know.

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Time to Get Back on the Horse!


I hope everyone reading this had a great Thanksgiving yesterday, filled with friends and family and some great food!  If you are anything like me, chances are you over-indulged a bit and woke up this morning a bit heavier than yesterday.  My wife and I worked very hard to make sure there wasn’t any sugar or carbs in the meal but… that didn’t stop me from eating A LOT of food.  If I had to guess, I ate more food yesterday than I have in the entire previous week.  Yikes!

So if you are finding yourself in a similar boat, what do you do?  Answer: Get back on the horse and keep on keeping on.  Or to put it another way, Keep Calm and Keto On.


I woke this morning dry as a bone.  All that extra digesting I had to do along with the fact that I drank very little water added up to me feeling like a sponge left out in the sun.  My hands were dry, my lips were tight and I had cottonmouth of the highest order.  So first thing was a big glass of water followed by 2 more just to get back to “even”.  Then I had my coffee but followed it up with another glass of water.  I’m writing this about noon and I’m just now beginning to feel a little normal.

Throw Away Temptations

Do you have a fridge full of mashed potatoes and apple pie?  You might be better off just throwing all that away.  I know, I hate to waste food too but better it goes to waste than goes to waist.  Lines like that are why this blog has won zero awards.

Time to Start the Exercise Routine

Did you stop exercising because the last few weeks were so hectic?  That’s exactly what I did and I have been kicking myself for it.  My wife was just saying today how I’m stooping when I walk which is something I do when I stop doing yoga and stretching.  I swear I think my hamstrings are 2 sizes too small for my legs.

Maybe Fast?

If you stuffed your face yesterday, consider fasting.  Skipping a few meals to get your insulin and appetite levels back under control couldn’t hurt and might be what you need to get everything back where it needs to be.

Most of all, get back to old routines and recommit yourself to a low carb diet.  Don’t let one bad day throw you off from your goals.  Get back to it!

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11/1 Weightloss Wednesday: I Guess Halloween was a Cheat Day

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday! I am up, WAY up to 208 lbs this morning.  Oh my!  How did this happen?  One word, Halloween.  Oh my gosh, we had SO MUCH CANDY left over at the end of the night that I grabbed a piece here, a piece there.  Did something on the computer, grabbed a Snickers.  Threw my kettlebell around, grabbed a MIlky Way.  Got ready for work, grabbed a 3 Musketeers.  Here’s the crazy thing.  I started to get nauseous and guess what I did?  Grabbed a Whoppers.

Ugh.  So I’m definitely not perfect, not that any of you thought I was but this puts me behind on my new goal.  I have decided to try to hit 190 by my birthday at the end of the month which means not only do I have to lose this new Halloween weight but I have to navigate Thanksgiving as well.  Should be fun!  But I have stayed between 200 and 210 for to long and need to renew my focus on the next stage of my weight loss.  I have decided my main goal is to get me waist down to half my height and since I am 70 inches tall, that means a waist of 35″.  Although maybe 36-37″ is more reasonable with all the loose skin I have but we will see.  According to the tape I have on my desk, I am about 45″ around right now so I’ve got quite a journey in front of me.

As for exercise, I did a short kettlebell workout last night for the first time in about 3 weeks.  The neck strain I had has pretty much gone away and I need to get back on the horse with that.  I downloaded a new workout video so I’m going to include a little more variety in my workouts.

That’s what’s new for me.  How are things going with you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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