20 Non-Candy Halloween Treats!

20 Non-Candy Halloween Treats!


Have you ever given out non-candy items for Halloween?


There was a time when kids didn’t get a lot of candy through out the year so the massive haul they got on Holidays like Halloween represented a special treat.  Now sugar is an everyday ingredient in almost every food our kids eat and it is showing in their ever-increasing weight and their ever worsening health.  As rates of childhood obesity and their corresponding diseases like Type II diabetes and asthma continue to increase, it might be time to consider some alternatives to hand out at your door this Halloween,

Here is a list of just a few fun things you can hand out to the kids in your area.  Don’t worry about “ruining their Halloweeen”.  Trust me, those kids will have access to enormous amounts of sugar no matter what you do, but at least this way you can know that you didn’t make matters worse and contribute to the problems more and more kids are facing today.

    1. Eureka Halloween Stickers, 120 pk — $4.99
    2. DesignWay Halloween Pencils, 48 pk — $10.81
    3. Fun Express Halloween Stamps, 24 pk — $7.28
    4. Cauldron Full of Halloween Toys, 60 ct — $19.95
    5. Foam Halloween Masks, 12 pk — $5.09


    1. Vinyl Glitter Sticky Hands, 72 pk — $7.00
    2. Halloween Party Favors Assortment, 72 pk — $11.99
    3. Halloween Bouncing Balls, 72 pk — $39.10
    4. Joyin Toy Plastic Bugs, 144 pk — $14.95
    5. Neon Vampire Teeth, 144 pk — $18.18


    1. Fun Express Glow in the Dark Eyeballs, 48 ct — $7.89
    2. Mini Halloween Spiral Notebooks, 24 pk — $18.99
    3. Halloween Punch Balloon, 16 pk — $7.79
    4. Halloween Paddle Balls, 12 pk — $30.99
    5. Plastic Spider Rings, 144 pk — $9.49


  1. Tzou LED Finger Lights, 80 ct — $9.78
  2. Toy Cubby Slap Bracelet, 50 ct — $10.59
  3. Flashing LED Light Up Rings, 18 pk — $9.95
  4. Toy Cubby Plastic Lip Whistles, 48 pk — $11.49
  5. Fun Express Sticky Splat Frogs, 48 pk — $6.79

Ann over at Ann’s Entitled Life has this HUGE list, too!  Click here —> 101 Non Candy Halloween Treat Ideas

Also, Alli at Couponing for 4 has a very Thrifty one!  Click here —>   Nine Thrifty Alternatives To Halloween Candy

Looking for an alternative to candy this Halloween? Why not try these treats instead?

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