The Role of Nutrition in Health with Maria Emmerich!

The Role of Nutrition in Health with Maria Emmerich!

Ever wonder about how important good nutrition is to your overall health?  Or how eating certain foods can combat certain illnesses?  In this week’s My Sugar Free Journey Podcast, we talk to best selling author Maria Emmerich and learn how to combat signs of declining health by improving out overall nutrition!

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You can find Maria on her Facebook page here or follow her on Instagram here.  You can find all her fantastic Ketogenic cookbooks here as well.

Here are the other pages we mentioned in the podcast.

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The Complete Guide to Fasting Review

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The Role of Nutrition in Health with Maria Emmerich!

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3 thoughts on “The Role of Nutrition in Health with Maria Emmerich!

  • Aaron
    I can not thank you enough for this interview! If it had not been for me following you and you mentioning this I’d probably still be undergoing painful testing trying to figure out why I’ve got lesions only on my lower legs! I’ve had these for months! Literally 6 months I’ve been taking pictures as they’ve gotten worse, going from Doctor to Doctor, ending up at the emergency room twice, under going multiple tests without an end in sight and no reasons why or what they were! Finally… Because of you and Maria I can now say I’ve researched and can put blame on my poor eating habits! Research put me in a bad place… It put me in a table of anorexia, I don’t fall under “normal” anorexia as I’m not under weight however I am lucky if I eat once a day or at all some days. Yes I know, I should not do this… As a mom of 5 I forget or get to busy. Now I know this must change! Thank you for probably saving my life because from what I’ve read I seem to be very close to a morbid place.

    • Holy cow! I gotta tell you how glad I am that you found this interview! I am continually amazed at the power of good food to heal our bodies. Now that I’ve lost 160 lbs and repaired my Metabolic Syndrome, I am so thrilled to share the power of a real food and ketogenic diet with the world. Thanks for stopping by!

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