3/6 Weightloss Wednesday: Thinking of Luke Perry and Dad

Thinking of Luke Perry and Dad

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday! As of this morning I am at 240.8 lbs which means absolutely nothing has changed on that front.

This has been a troubling week for me and believe it or not, Luke Perry is to blame. I have never been a particularly huge fan of his as I don’t think I have seen a single episode of Beverly Hills, 90210. I do watch Riverdale but doesn’t have a huge role in that.

No, what got me thinking of him was the fact that he had a stroke that was apparently caused by high blood pressure and then died a few days later. That struck home for me because that is exactly how my father died last year. It has also gotten me becoming more and more obsessive about my own blood pressure.

I have lost 160 lbs and maintained that loss for about a year and a half. I have gotten rid of my Metabolic Syndrome, asthma, sore knees and all the other things that go along with 400 lbs but my blood pressure continues to be stuck.

I have tried multiple medications to no avail. I have experimented by limiting salt, caffeine, vegetables, meat and a few other things for a month at a time to see what would happen and nothing happened. I have supplemented Magnesium, Potassium, L-Arginine and even went without mouthwash for a while just to see if that would affect anything. It didn’t.

I have exercised religiously and taken long stretches of time off exercising to see what that would do and it did nothing. While the ketogenic diet and Magnesium supplementation did drop my BP a bit, it is no where near what I need it to do. In fact, I am sitting here debating whether or not to do my kettlebell swings tonight because I am afraid that amount of exercise will spike my BP.

As I have worried about this over the last few days, my BP has crept up and as I am sitting here it is at 200/128, the highest it has been in a long time. I am reminded of my grandmother who passed away because she got too sick to keep her blood pressure medication down and had a heart attack. I really don’t want that to happen to me.

So far doctors have been unable to help me. I am apparently resistant to drugs and non pharmaceutical interventions. My one Hail Mary left is an ultrasound to see if I have a blocked artery. Unfortunately with my insurance, it is going to run me about $500 to do everything that would need to be done for that and I just don’t have that right now so I am saving up and hoping time doesn’t run out on me. (If you would like to donate towards that, I have a Paypal donation button on the left sidebar)

I know that was a bit depressing but I would still like to know how you are doing this week. Leave a comment below!

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