4/3 Weightloss Wednesday: My (Mostly) Zero Carb Month

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  It’s been a while since I did one of these but I wanted to talk about my experience with my Zero Carb March.  So all march I have just had meat for dinner with a few exceptions.  Twice I had a hamburger with the lettuce and tomato and yesterday I ate some Easter candy which I’ll talk more about in a minute.

A quick explanation of the hamburgers, Dian and I ordered them from a place down the street because we couldn’t cook lunch for ourselves and the meat by itself was so unappetizing that I ended up leaving the veggies on and using some mustard to make it palatable.  I have no regrets doing this because it was just not good.  Nor was it good the next day when I did the exact same thing.  Why would we order from the same restaurant after I knew I didn’t like it?  Well that should give you some insight into just how much say I have over anything in this house when Dian is involved. 🙂

As for the candy, this was a little more interesting because several things conspired together to make that happen.  First of all, the Easter candy was on clearance and I am so cheap that I find it difficult to pass up a deal.  Second of all, I noticed that cravings for sugar were a little stronger than normal as the month progressed and I have no idea why.  If this was a side effect of zero carb, it was certainly an unexpected one.  Or maybe it was just my own lack of self-control.  I have no idea.

As for weight loss. there was none.  I started off well with about a 10 lb loss in the first week but then it started to creep back up to the 220 I started at.  I’m starting to think it is just my destiny to be 220 forever.  Sure would like to see 180 though!  As for how I feel, I feel great.  No lack of energy or a feeling of any nutritional deficiencies.  I have debated sticking with this for another month just to see wh at happens but I’m not totally sold on the idea.  Whatever I decide, I’ll let you know.

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