5 Tips for Eating Keto on a Budget!

5 Tips for Eating Keto On A Budget

Keto can be a bit pricey but I am definitely a frugal guy so I am always looking for ways to cut the fat from my food budget to get more fat in my food.  Once I made the commitment to fix my weight issues and other health problems I was highly motivated to figure out exactly how to eat for as cheaply as possible.

Here’s what I’ve learned.

Use Coupons

Believe it or not, there are tons of coupons out for real and keto-friendly food all the time.  In fact I update a list of these coupons once a week here.  There are also several smartphone apps that will give you discounts on groceries, especially meat and produce.

Don’t be Afraid of the Cheap Meat

The nice thing about keto is because the whole world is deathly afraid of fat, the high fat meats are generally cheaper than the leaner cuts.  Steer clear of those boneless skinless chicken breasts and buy those thighs with the skin still on.  Or better yet, buy a whole chicken, you can make several meals out of it including a very nice broth and it’s cheaper per pound.

Shop in the Mornings

Most grocery stores will put the previous day’s meat on clearance in the mornings, that’s when you will often find steaks and pork chops for 20-40% off.  This varies a bit from store to store but if you will ask the butcher when at your store when that happens, they will usually let you know.  Here are some other frugal tricks you can use for meat.

Order Produce Direct From Farmers

Once every 2 weeks, I get a big basket of produce from Bountiful Baskets.  Not only is this cheap but I get a much wider variety of fruits and veggies than I get at Walmart.  There are probably several different CSAs to choose from in your area.

Start a Garden

I am amazed at how much my tiny little garden produces considering the original plants I planted were less than $2 each.  At the very least, you can start a little herb garden on a window sill and have fresh herbs every day.  Right now I swear I have basil coming out of my ears and can’t give it away fast enough.

Buy a Dehydrator

I would never have guessed how helpful a dehydrator would be until I had one.  Your store put more meat on sale than you can eat and you don’t have room in the freezer?  Dehydrate it and make jerky!  You garden pumps out more herbs than you could ever possibly consume?  Dehydrate it and store it for the winter!  It’s such an awesome tool.  Here’s the one I use and I’m pretty happy with it.

Cook for Yourself

Doing your own cooking is the #1 way to save money.  Not only can you control what goes into your food but you aren’t paying someone else to cook it.  Here’s some great recipes you can try.

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