8/3 Weightloss Wednesday: Setting August Goals!

8/3 Weightloss Wednesday: Setting August Goals!

It’s time for a Weightloss Wednesday!  As of this morning I am at 248.1 lbs which means I am EXACTLY the same weight I was last Wednesday and I know exactly why.  This weekend Dian and I went to go see a movie with some special press passes we were given that came with free food.  (Bad Moms was the movie, feel free to skip it.)  Well the choices were about 5 different kinds of carbs so I figured, what the heck, one cheat meal isn’t going to kill me.  I was wrong of course, one cheat meal will pretty much erase a week’s worth or weight loss for me.  I’m just too insulin resistant to ever eat a french fry again if I want to get this weight off.

So let’s talk about August and set some goals

I want to be under 240 lbs

I’m about 8 lbs away from this and I’m averaging about 2 lbs lost a week so I think this is doable.  I just want that number to keep going down and get that magic number 1 at the beginning of the scale.  Can you imagine? Me being under 200 lbs?  I’m still a little shocked that I’ve gotten even this close.

I want my BP to be around 140/100

This blood pressure problem of mine is continuing to worry me.  While its gotten a ton better, it’s still not where I want it to be.  The frustrating thing is it seems like nothing I do really moves the needle on this too much.  Every time I feel like I make progress and get it lower, it seems to want to spike back up.  I stopped doing that yoga in the morning because…well, I don’t know why I stopped.  Perhaps that would help lower my stress levels and that will help with the BP.  I probably also need to get a Magnesium supplement because the Epsom salt baths seemed to help.

Continue with C25K

I didn’t realize this until yesterday but you are only supposed to run on the C25K program 3 times a week.  I was going everyday and I couldn’t figure out why I was already in week 2.  So I’m going to back off a bit and maybe to my bike riding on the off days.  I just wish it wasn’t a million degrees all day long like it is now.  I’d also like to do a little weight training but I don’t have weights.  I’m thinking of maybe starting off with a Kettle bell like this one because I think I do most of the weight training I want to do with that.

I think those are the things I want to focus on for this month.  Please remember to subscribe to my daily email to never miss a post.  Thanks!

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