8/28 Weightloss Wednesday: A New Discipline Hack

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It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  As of this morning I am 239.2 lbs which means I am about where I have been for the entire year.  🙁

So I’ve got a new problem I am trying to solve.  I have tried to do a 3 day fast every week for about the last month or so and am really surprised at how difficult it has been.  I am finding myself at an all-time low as far as willpower goes and will not only mindlessly eat something during my fasting days but on my non-fasting days telling myself I am about to start a fast so I can eat whatever I want.

This double-whammy has been surprisingly difficult to overcome.  In fact I spent all last week wrestling with how to face this challenge. I know the obvious answer is to just not fast but I think there is something deeper going on here.

The biggest challenge I have faced in my entire life has been a lack of self-discipline.  I know what you are thinking, “the guy that let himself balloon up to 400 lbs has self-discipline issues?” Yeah. hard to believe, I know. :/ But this has been something I have really tried to deal with over the last few years and now it seems like all my reserve of discipline has dried up and blown away.

So what I am doing different this week is adding an additional component to my routine.  First thing in the morning I am opening up a diary app on my phone and writing done what I want to accomplish each day in terms of diet, exercise, and other things.  I started it this morning and had it running through my head all day.  Today was the first day of my 3 day fast for the week so I can’t say for sure it will work but I’ll know soon enough.

That’s it for me this week. How is it going for you?  Let me know in the comments below!

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