America’s National Institute of Nutrition and the Barbaric History of Sugar

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I get so much stuff in my inboxes that I want to comment on and can never find the time.  I’ve decided to make a short video where I can rant into the camera and not have to write a long post.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and give this video a thumbs up.  Thanks!

We should establish a National Institute of Nutrition – I am all for more nutrition research but if this gets implemented today it would mean more of the same advice that got us in to this mess to begin with.

The Barbaric History of Sugar – A must read article about how sugar is responsible for slavery even today.

Government reviews “Added Sugar” line to Australian Nutrition Facts Labels – People concerned with the public’s health versus the sugar industry as usual.  The amount of money these people spend to keep people from knowing what they are putting in their body is incredible.

Christian Assad on Sleep – Incredible stats on sleep and CVD risk.

US Association of Diabetes Educators Teaches Evidence for Low Carb Diet – I always said the tide would begin to turn when the front line nutritionists are taught about the low carb lifestyle and it just happened last week in Houston!

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