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Hello and welcome to My Sugar Free Journey!  

This blog started as a way to chronicle my own journey to cut sugar out of my diet and finally lose the extra weight I’ve been carrying my entire life.  

It has since developed into a resource of information and recipes to help more people cut the sugar out of their lives.  

Here are the big things you need to know.  I have since transitioned to a ketogenic diet and lost 200 lbs so far.

Keto FAQ’s

The most commonly asked questions about the ketogenic diet

How to Lose Weight Without Exercise

This is the post that outlines the basic tenets of this site.  If you are brand new to My Sugar Free Journey, read this first.

My Sugar Free Journey

This is my story about how I cut the sugar out of my life and how my journey continues

What’s Sugar Free at Restaurants

My breakdown of what we can eat at different restaurants

Sugar Free Recipes

My list of the different sugar free recipes I’ve created.

Sugar Free Info

My list of what you need to know about sugar

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