Are Ketogenic Diets Dangerous and How to Live to 100

I get so much stuff in my inboxes that I want to comment on and can never find the time.  I’ve decided to make a short video where I can rant into the camera and not have to write a long post.  Hope you enjoy it.

The Ketogenic Diet for Obesity and Diabetes—Enthusiasm Outpaces Evidence – How dare you try to cure Diabetes with diet and lifestyle changes!  Who will buy our expensive medicines if you do that??!?

Sugar industry exploited dietitians to influence dentists, study shows – If there is one Medical profession that should be immune to the idea that sugar is not harmful, it’s Dentists but that sugar money is hard to turn down.

Can pets eat vegan? Definitely maybe, says Dr. Ernie Ward – If you want a vegan pet, buy a mouse or a bird.  Cats and dogs should eat meat.

Anti-starvation trick that saved our ancestors may underlie obesity epidemic – Overeating makes it hard to lose weight. Duh.

I get asked a lot about longevity. It helps that I’m 104 – Want to live to 100?  Here are some tips.

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