Chocolate Makes You Happy and the Censorship of Jimmy Moore

I get so much stuff in my inboxes that I want to comment on and can never find the time.  I’ve decided to make a short video where I can rant into the camera and not have to write a long post.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and give this video a thumbs up.  Thanks!

People who eat dark chocolate less likely to be depressed – Finally some good news about food!

Substantial and Sustained Improvements in Blood Pressure, Weight and Lipid Profiles from a Carbohydrate Restricted Diet: An Observational Study of Insulin Resistant Patients in Primary Care. – Dr Unwin knocks it out of the park again with a 2 YEAR study looking at what a LCHF diet can do for health.  Hear that Kevin Bass?  2 YEARS!  Not the 4 weeks you keep looking at.

A carbohydrate-reduced high-protein diet improves HbA1c and liver fat content in weight stable participants with type 2 diabetes: a randomised controlled trial. – This study looks at a VERY small drop in carbs and kept weight stable and still saw improvements in weight, BP, and fat deposits.

Socially active 60-year-olds face lower dementia risk – People who have people are the luckiest people.

Persistent low body weight in humans is associated with higher mitochondrial activity in white adipose tissue. – Some people just can’t get fat and this study looks at why.

Jimmy Moore’s YouTube Account has been deleted – I can’t imagine why YouTube would have done this and can’t wait to hear the explanation.

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