How Can I Tell If I Am in Ketosis?

How Can I Tell If I Am in Ketosis?

There are a few different ways to tell if you are in ketosis.  The easiest is just to test for the presence of ketones in the blood, urine or breath.

You can use the Ketonix brand tester to check for the presence of Acetoacetate in the breath.  The nice thing about a breath ketone tester is there is a one time cost and that’s it.  There is no need for the ongoing expense of test strips.

Alternatively, you can test for the presence of ketones in the blood or urine with different machines that use test strips.  The drawback to urine testing is ketones in the urine tend to fall off as your body begins to use ketones more efficiently so after a few months of ketosis, you may stop testing positive for ketones with urine strips but still be in ketosis.  Blood testing is the most accurate but requires you to pierce your skin every time you test which can be painful.

Common Signs That You Are in Ketosis

There are less exact methods you can use to see if you are in ketosis.

You will typically have a “fruity” taste in your mouth and your breath will take on the acetone smell of the acetoacetate ketones.

Your urine will take on a stronger smell as more ketones are in the urine.  Usually it will smell a little like meat.

Your appetite will begin to be suppressed as the body starts breaking down fat for fuel and your blood sugar levels stabilize.

You will have increased thirst to replace water stored in muscles

You will have increased urination as the body uses glycogen stored in water in the muscles

As blood sugar levels stabilize, you should have less sugar cravings

As blood sugar levels stabilize, you will have more stable moods

You may experience increased energy

You may experience increased mental clarity

As you continue on in ketosis, many of these signs will dissipate.  Your breath will return to normal, your water stores will regulate so there will be less urination, and your urine will smell normal.  Most of the other signs like supressed appetite, less mood swings, increased mental clarity and less sugar cravings will stay with you throughout the time you spend on the diet.

Have any questions?  Ask them in the comments below!

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How Can I Tell If I Am in Ketosis?

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  • I still haven’t lost any weight & it’s been weeks of no sugar or starch! But eating all these high fat foods I haven’t gained any either. Just really want to get losing, waiting for the increase in energy too.How long does it take to get kicking? Thanks

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