10/4 Weightloss Wednesday: A Little Muscle!

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  I’m sitting at about 206 today which is a bit up from last week.  Hopefully that means I am putting on muscle because of the increased exercise I’ve been doing but I’m not sure.  The one thing I am sure of is that it is about time to buy another belt! I’ve hit the last notch and it’s getting a little loose.  That’s pretty exciting.

I am on week 10 of my kettle bell exercises and it is getting TOUGH!  I thought the last one was going to break me because it was a full minute of swings before a rest and it was crazy tough.  Just trying to catch my breath before the next rep was challenging.  I’ll be doing it again later today so I wonder if it will be easier the second time around.

You may have noticed that I have totally NOT been taking pictures of my food on IG like I said I was going to.  I kept forgetting and it made for a really boring IG feed.  I eat the same thing every day!  It was like “here’s my steak and veggies, now here’s my hamburger and veggies, now here’s my chicken and veggies, oh and here’s some sardines.”  Bleh.  So I stopped doing that.  Looking over other IG feeds it looks like what I really need to be doing is taking pictures of my butt but I’m probably not going to do that either.

That’s it for me this week, what’s going on with you?  Let me know in the comments!

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4 thoughts on “10/4 Weightloss Wednesday: A Little Muscle!

  • I’ve lost 4 lbs since I’ve started. Not a lot, but I feel 110% better than I did before I joined! I need to journal my food, for sure, and I am trying to this month. I just feel great knowing i can do without bread, sugar, and pasta!!!

  • First I would like to say congratulations on your success. It is truly inspiring. I found you on Pinterest and I noticed you are in Texas. My wife and I aspire to do like you and your wife. We started Monday and we have been doing good. We’re encouraged and believe this is the one. We live in Arlington and have 5 kids. We would love to meet you guys one day. I’m subscribed to your email newsletter and I will eventually get the 28 day plan when our kitchen gets finished.

    • Not only are we in TX, but we live in Arlington with you! It’s funny you should mention meeting because I was just talking to my wife about doing a meetup so I’m just going to take this as a confirmation. If you need any help, please reach out. I love to help people lose weight and regain their health!

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