Is There a Sample Menu I Can Look At?

In our continuing series of FAQ’s here about this way of eating, I have been putting this one off for a little while.

Why?  Because starting this year, we are introducing a new format to our weekly meal plans.  In the past we had standard recipes but in response to feedback from the members or our 28 Day Challenge group, we have switched to a Meal Prep format.

So these new meal plans walk you through exactly what to buy and how to prepare your food for the week.  Then all you have to do on the meal day is take your prepared foods out of the fridge and just take the final few steps to finish your meal.

This way all the hard work is done on one day for the week saving you valuable time.

If you would like a free sample meal plan, just go to and scroll down to the bottom where you can sign up to receive your meal plan.  Once you do, let me know what you think!

Also, consider joining our 28 day program and get great meal plans delivered to each week!

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