9/5 Weightloss Wednesday: Listening to my Body

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  As of this morning I am at 230.6 lbs which means not only have I lost about 2 lbs since last week but marks the 3rd consecutive week of weight loss.  Not bad!

My big commitments for the last week or so was to really get after my workouts.  Alternating weight lifting with cardio kettlebell swings.  But most importantly, I’m not afraid to stop for a day or 2 of rest if I feel like I need to.  It took me years to learn how to listen to my body when it comes to food and I’m only just now learning how to listen to it when it comes to exercise.

One thing that has become clear is I really need to buy more shoes.  I’ve been on my feet a little more than usual lately and I have developed a bizarre blister on my toe.  I almost never have any foot problems since I lost the weight so it is a little surprising.

As for my diet, everything is going well.  I got a new toy for the kitchen, an Anova Precision Cooker for Sous Vide cooking and spent Labor Day trying it out.  So far I’ve cooked soft boiled eggs that I didn’t really like because I don’t like runny eggs.  Then I cooked chicken thighs that were great and then some frozen shrimp I’ve had in the freezer for forever that turned out very well.  My next project is going to be a big roast that I’ll cook for more than a day.  I’ll let you know how it turns out!

How did you do this week?  Let me know in the comments!

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3 thoughts on “9/5 Weightloss Wednesday: Listening to my Body

  • Hi Aarn

    My name is Gary Goss. been reading your pages for a week or so. you have done Exceptionally well with Keto. I have been following and now fully committed to Keto for a few months now. and i have to say the results are working out very well also. not as big (weight) as your former self. I started at 18 stone 2 pounds (252 Lbs) after 2 months i am down to 238 Lbs. i am looking for a target of 200 Lbs. in no hurry……… but i will get there. becoming more determined each day. i am 65 and the diabetes isn’t getting any better. all i know is my blood sugar is so much better since starting Keto… down from over 15 mmols to an average of 6mmols. i also love to cook sous vide. actually did a leg of lamb and cooked at 62 degrees C for over a day. then finished it off to crisp the outer for 20 minutes in oven. melted in the mouth. also steaks and a blowtorch for searing are REALLY good, anyway just a little intro to let you know i am a follower of your pages. keep up the good work Aarn. see you soon. regards Gary

    • I just did a big roast for about 8 hours then seared it. Made a little reduction sauce with the fat and a little white wine and a LOT of garlic. Turned out pretty good!. Congrats on the weight loss and let me know if I can help. Also, consider joining our FB group or support. MySugarFreeJourney.com/28day

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