This Week in Low Carb News: AOC Wants to Ban Cows and Why That’s Stupid

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez Wants to Ban Meat – AOC released her ambitious Green New Deal and it was a doozy! I say “was” because she has already taken it down presumably because someone on her team realized it was insane and told her so. My favorite part is where she wants to ban farting cows because we can’t get rid of airplanes fast enough.

Nutritional and greenhouse gas impacts of removing animals from US agriculture – Oh look, removing all the farting cows would only reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 2.6% while causing widespread nutritional deficiencies. Whodathunk it!

Sugar and cancer: A surprise connection or 50-year cover-up? – Looks like there was evidence of the connection between. sugar and cancer 50(!) years ago but the funding mysteriously dried up once the connection was seen in the preliminary data

The Keto Diet – Is There Evidence to Support Its Effectiveness? – Great little back and forth between Dr Fung and Dr Kahn about Keto and IF vs Veganism.

Keto Could Help You Lose Weight… and Destroy Your Life – A staggeringly bad article about the dangers of the Ketogenic diet. If you want to see what happens when someone doesn’t deal with their carb addiction, this is the article for you.

Snapshot: Few Americans Vegetarian or Vegan – No one can actually stick to a Vegan diet because it is terrible and terrible for you. Of course the good thing about veganism is exvegans make the best keto-ers.

How to divorce your dentist – No grains in your diet means no cavities in your teeth.

The Top 4 Mistakes Everyone Makes On The Keto Diet (And How To Fix Them) – I like Dr Cole but his focus on veggies is sometimes a little misguided I think. Nevertheless, it’s a good article.

Listened to an interview of Nick Steiner this week and found his methods for reversing Myopia very interesting. Here’s a video that goes over the basics.

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