This Week in Low Carb News: EAT-Lancet Edition

Every week I come across a bunch of articles I want to tweet about and comment on and every week I run out of time to do it.  This is my attempt to clear out the open tabs on my browser by putting them all in one place.  Enjoy!

The Lancet report on what we should all be eating has come out and it was even worse than I expected. I mean I knew it was going to be Vegan drivel encouraging us all to eat massive amounts of wheat and veggies but I underestimated just how bad it was going to be. Of course the blogosphere has erupted with opinions and analysis. I intend to do my own analysis next week some time but for now, let’s take a look at what is going on in other blogs.

The Washington Post story – A surprisingly balanced and well-informed article looking at both sides of the issue. I can’t tell you how amazed I was to read this especially when it came to discussing things like greenhouse gas emissions from agriculture.

The Sustainable Dish response – I have to admit I hadn’t heard of this particular blog until it showed up in my Twitter stream but it is so good! A point by point breakdown of the Lancet study and is definitely worth the time you will spend reading it.

EFA News Response – Great article detailing some of the financial conflicts of interest in the report. In a bit I’m going to show you who financed this study and I think you will be shocked.

Zoe Harcombe’s Response – Zoe takes the recommendations and puts them through a nutritional calculator and discovers *surprise surprise* that is nutritionally deficient in several ways. I really need to get her on the podcast ASAP.

Gary Fettke’s response – Covers a lot of the same ground as above but worth a read as he always takes great pains to reveal the links to our good friends in Loma Linda, the 7th Day Adventist church.

Canivore Aurelius points out what this diet does to rats.

Tucker Goodrich has a lengthy stream comparing these recommendations to Nazis because Godwin’s Law cannot be ignored.

Nina Tiecholz points out Walter Willett’s conflicts of interest that for some reason never get talked about.

And in the interest of balance, Dr Joel Kahn’s response to the report. It’s nice and short because I’m sure the only problem he has with it is that it recommends eating 1/4 egg per day and he thinks that is WAAAAAY too much.

And as promised, a look at who sponsored this report. It will be a surprise to no one that the companies that paid for this report are the same companies that would benefit massively if everyone ate a diet high is sugars and grains and had to take lots of medications as a result.

The scariest company on that list isn’t all the crappy carb food companies or the pharmaceutical companies waiting to prescribe statins and T2D medicines but Google. If the company that effectively has a stranglehold on how we consume information has a vested financial interest in promoting this study, then how long before they start weighting search engine terms against Keto and Paleo and towards Vegan diets? They might already be doing it.

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