This Week in Low Carb News: How to Cure Diabetic Horses, The Ketogenic Diet and Cancer and More!

The Ketogenic Diet: Making It Difficult for Cancer to Latch On? – Very interesting article looking at how a Ketogenic diet and calorie restriction can make tumors shrink in mice.

Brazen Beef Thief Caught on Camera Stealing Steak from Restaurant – This dude puts a 20oz steak in his napkin and walks out of the restaurant. This has nothing to do with keto but it just seemed crazy to me.

My Health Record: clinics receiving up to $50,000 a year in incentives – This My Health Record deal out of Australia is just weird. All your health info in one place where the government can see it. I’m trying not to see this as a tinfoil hat conspiracy but it sure feels like 1984.

BIOHACKERS ENCODED MALWARE IN A STRAND OF DNA – This has nothing to do with LCHF but it is terrifying that you can hack a strand of DNA to the point where it introduce malware to a machine.

Diabetes In Horses – Did you know horses can get diabetes? Guess what the treatment is. Cut back on grains. Wow, whodathunk it. Why is that the treatment for horses but not humans? Probably because horses can’t buy things.

Hospitals Shouldn’t Be Sugar Shacks – Why is Hospital food so terrible? Probably because they are under pressure to cut costs and food is an easy place to do that. Cheap food means lots of sugar and grains.

A Kingdom from Dust – Fair warning, don’t start reading this unless you have some time because it’s probably 20,000 words long but it is fascinating. A look at the water demands of the largest agriculture plantation in the US and what the owner has to do to keep his crops watered. It’s pretty amazing.

Danny Aguilar – This personal testimony of what a carnivore diet did for someone with 10 years of chronic depression is really amazing.

Farm waste is electric shocker for vegans – Turns out your electricity might not be Vegan. What will the crazy vegans do?

Anticatabolic Effects of Ketone Bodies in Skeletal Muscle – A look at how ketosis helps preserve muscle.

Nearly half of all US adults have CVD – That seems outrageous.

Quebec newspaper:”no coincidence” dried beans so prominent in new Canada Food Guide – It’s not pure science that goes into dietary recommenations. Sometimes it’s what is good for the local economy.

Cheese cake wedding trend helps break tradition and showcase local dairy industry – I hope every wedding I ever go to for the rest of my life does this.

The only proper way to eat carbs – I wish I could figure out how to embed this video.

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