This Week in Low Carb News: Lard is Good for You and How to Destroy Your Career

Every week I come across a bunch of articles I want to tweet about and comment on and every week I run out of time to do it.  This is my attempt to clear out the open tabs on my browser by putting them all in one place.  Enjoy!

How Lard is Good for You – A pro-lard article in a major publication?  Oh my stars and garters!  Of course it makes a point of saying it is because it is full of monounsaturated fats instead of saturated but still, pretty cool!

How Formula Makers Target Mothers Who Can Least Afford it. – This article will make your blood boil.  Corporations (Mostly Nestle) telling mothers to replace the breast milk nature intended them to feed their babies with soy based crap that screws up the baby’s (and the mother’s!) hormones,  How about you keep your filthy corporate hands off our children!

Nordic Countries Agree on Junk Food Marketing Protocol – At least someone is doing something to protect the kids.

How One of the Most Obese Countries Took on the Soda Giants – You go , Mexico.  They’ve got the sugar industries back on their heels.  Can’t wait to see how this plays out.

The Grad Student who Never Said “No” – So this story is a little more complicated.  Brian Wansink is a Cornell University food marketing professor who wrote the article linked above essentially praising a woman he worked with for taking data from a study he worked on, statistically torturing it and turning it into 5 published papers.  After he wrote it the scientific community said “That’s NOT the way Science works!”  So the scientific community combed over his previous papers and he keeps having to retract them as more problems are found.  The issue here is a lot of the clickbaity articles that have to do with food that have hit the internet over the last couple decades had their roots in his work.  No wonder Gary Taubes calls Nutrition Science “barely a science”.  Don’t believe everything in your FaceBook stream!

I found this lecture very interesting and will have the lecturer on the podcast soon.

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