This Week in Low Carb News – Taubes and Guyenet on Rogan

Every week my browser fills up with tabs of stories I want to talk about. I never get to them all so this is everything I think is interesting in the Low Carb/Keto/Healthy Diet field from this week.

Taubes/Guyenet Debate on Rogan – This was easily the biggest thing in this space this week. It had so much potential but we couldn’t get past the personalities of the debaters to engage in the arguments. I posted some thoughts on twitter here but in the end I’m not sure it matters what camp you are in. As long as you avoid highly processed foods high in both carbs and fat, you will generally get thinner and healthier.

5 Ways We’re Powerless Against Junk Food Marketers – I’m always of 2 minds when I see articles about this topic. I believe anyone can remove all junk and fast food from their diet just by avoiding them but I also know that it is so tasty, cheap and ubiquitous that it is tough to avoid. This is where my innate Libertarianism comes into conflict with my desire to fix the problem, I’m not sure what the solution is besides more education.

How Big Tobacco Hooked Children on Sugary Drinks – This is a must read article about how the same tactics that convinced people to smoke cigarettes were used to hook people on sugar. The obvious common thread here is both tobacco and sugar are addictive but with sugar, you can get someone addicted almost immediately after weaning them instead of having to wait 18 years.

Could the high consumption of high glycaemic index carbohydrates and sugars, associated with the nutritional transition to the Western type of diet, be the common cause of the obesity epidemic and the worldwide increasing incidences of Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes? – It’s a shame this paper didn’t get a mention in the Rogan debate.

Low protein diets produce divergent effects on energy balance – I am becoming more and more interested in the role of different protein levels on satiety and body composition. This is definitely something I would like to experiment with.

The Calorie Myth – A great article looking at the history of the calorie. The same author wrote a sequel here that is also interesting.

Eggs linked to increased cholesterol, risk of heart disease in new study – Ho hum, another day, another Vegan propaganda study. Yes eggs can raise cholesterol but no, that’s not necessarily a bad thing.

Death of the Calorie – Another look at how years of CICO has failed us all.

How diet became the latest front in the culture wars – Another look at that terrible EATLancet study and its attempted impact on culture.

Calcium in arteries is shown to increase patients’ imminent risk of a heart attack – No duh but it’s good to see it studied.

Extended Ketogenic Diet and Physical Training Intervention in Military Personnel – The effect of diet on the military is absolutely terrifying. SO glad to see someone looking at how to repair the damage.

Veganism, vegetarianism, bone mineral density, and fracture risk: a systematic review and meta-analysis. – Want your bones to crumble to dust? Easiest way to do that is to go vegan!

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