This Week in Low Carb News: Vegans on Carnivore and is Tribalism Bad?

Vegans on Carnivore and is Tribalism Bad

Letter from Dr Barnard of PCRM to the Department of Veteran’s Affairs – One of the ways you start seeing the inroads the low carb diet is making in the culture is by seeing institutions consider adopting it.  The DVA is considering advocating a LC diet and using Virtahealth to monitor it which of course gets Dr Barnard all hot and bothered because it’s not Veganism.  He writes a letter urging the DVA to not pursue the ketogenic diet and his thinking on the issue is very interesting.  He admits LCHF lowers blood sugar levels but says that’s a bad thing because of a made up word, lipotoxicity.  Ok, maybe that’s not a made up word but he says too much fat can cause diabetes and the study he sites is one where the patients were given high carb AND high fat.  Just another insight into the mind of a man that cares more for animals than human health.

In a Questionable Report, National Academies Lower Salt Limits– Despite every bit of new evidence that comes out saying that people who eat more salt live longer, the National Academies have lowered the upper limit of salt intake recommendations.  This one has me stumped because at least when they talk about limiting fat, it’s easy to see who benefits, namely the Big Ag.  Who benefits when you limit salt?  The blood pressure medication people?  Not sure.

The Carnivore Diet for Mental Health – This Georgia Ede’s presentation at the Boulder Carnivore Conference. Great information and another piece of evidence might be one with as much animal products as possible and as few plants as possible.

CrossFit Fights the Nutrition Monopoly – CrossFit is actively fighting for the right to tell its people how to eat.  I am all for taking this power away from nutritionists considering how wrong they’ve been for years.  Go CrossFit!

Why are dietary recommendations One Size Fits All? – A very informative opinion piece in the Washington Post calling for more flexibility in the dietary guidelines.

11 Bizarre Claims of the Carnivore Diet – Another interesting look at how Vegans see the carnivore diet. Lots of assertions that fiber is awesome, lots of conflating a high meat diet with a high processed meat diet. (Just as a reminder, what gets added to a lot of processed meat? Sugar and grains. Look at the ingredients for bologna or hot dogs the next time you are at the store. It’s not the meat and you don’t need fiber to “sweep away toxins” if you aren’t eating toxins) Anyway, great article to see the other side.

Is tribalism undermining objectivity about low-carb, high-fat diets? – Weird article that tries to make a good point in a bad way. It ends on an incredibly distasteful note of linking LCHF advocacy to the anti-vax movement. I’m all for slow methodical science but there has to be room for disagreement and advocacy for the position you believe in. Full disclosure, one of the authors has been a guest on my podcast and really respect his work but he is convinced high LDL cholesterol is harmful even on a LCHF diet and statins are the answer and I couldn’t disagree more. Bonus link: Dave Feldman’s response is great.

Jillian Michaels Slams Keto Diet Side Effects: “It Is Bad for Your Overall Health” – I try not speak ill of people but my goodness Jillian makes it tough. Just stupid on top of stupid. Such great quotes like “Ketosis is a state of medical emergency” and “So, when the body becomes what is called ‘ketotic’, your cells cannot function.” So great. Just dead cells everywhere.

Early-stage detection of Alzheimer’s in the blood – Science is awesome. Now if they could just figure out that what they are detecting is the result of a glucose resistant brain.

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