1/2 Weightloss Wednesday: My Carnivory Experiment Begins!

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday! I am starting the year off at 248.4 lbs which means I gained about 8 lbs over Christmas. That’s quite a bit but I enjoyed myself and the time with my family so I’m not worried about it. Now it’s time to fix that damage and back to my healthiest self.

So the big thing I’m starting is celebrating World Carnivore Month (still not clear if that’s a real thing) by eating just animal products. I have done this for one day and already I’ve realized a few things. The main thing is I have radically underestimated the amount of meat I need to buy. I had 6 eggs, 3 pieces of bacon and 2 half pound burger patties and I came home from work HUNGRY! I had to cut a few pieces of cheddar to be able to focus enough to write this post.

My wife is doing this with me so that’s even more meat I have to buy. I’ve got a pork roast for tomorrow and a bunch of chicken thighs for Friday and hamburger meat for lunches but I’m going to have to buy probably 20 lbs of hamburger meat for the week as well as 4 dozen eggs and about 4 lbs of bacon and a BIG piece of meat for dinner each night. I can see some cheap roasts in my future for sure. Might need to smoke a couple pork butts as well. Sure wish I could afford the Traeger Wood Pellet grill I’ve had my eye on for a while!

There are a couple things I am hoping this accomplishes. #1 I need to get back under 200 lbs and would like to see either 180 or just 200 with a LOT more muscle. #2 I want to see what effect if any this has on my blood pressure. No amount of weight loss or dietary change seems to have any large effect on my BP. I just went and tested it and it came up 206/139 which is insane. #3 I have had a little niggling pain in the back left side of my neck and my right knee. I want to see if this does anything for that.

I’ll talk more about the changes I’ve made to my workout routine next week but for now, I would love to know what you are doing in this New Year. Let me know in the comments below!

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2 Replies to “1/2 Weightloss Wednesday: My Carnivory Experiment Begins!”

  1. Is it possible that you are using a B/P cuff that is too small for your arm? A cuff that is too small will give you a false high or higher reading than you really have. There are different size cuffs..

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