1/9 Weightloss Wednesday: First Week on Carnivore

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday! As of this morning I am at 245.6 lbs which means just a hair shy of 3 lbs lost in a week. I’ll take it!

So lets talk about what happened on my first week of carnivore. First off a modest weight loss which is nice. The thing I’m really interested in tracking in my BP and I’ve seen it come down a bit but my BP tends to fluctuate so much it’s hard to tell if it’s the diet or just the normal thing that happens to me. As of a few minutes ago my BP was 186/118 so while that’s a 20 point drop from last week, we will see if that persists.

As for the food I’m eating, I was fully prepared to be bored out of my mind eating this way but so far that hasn’t been an issue for me but my wife only lasted about 4 days before she gave up. We both love vegetables so I knew it was going to be difficult to stick to for her. As for me, I have been careful to cycle through Beef, Chicken, and Pork as much as possible. I have also been eating a little cheese when I want a snack and that appears to give me enough variety to keep me on it.

I was also worried about my meal timing because my shift at work is going to be 4 AM to Noon for the foreseeable future so I made sure to eat breakfast so I wasn’t hungry at work. Yesterday I decided to not eat breakfast and try to get back into my habit of skipping breakfast and starting my eating day with lunch and I was surprised at how little hunger I felt. I came home, had a piece of cheese and then went in my backyard and did a relatively tough weight lifting set and felt good.

As for the exercise, I can say I feel well fueled for everything I’ve tried to do. I’m back on my Strong Lifts 5×5 program and feel great, especially since I can now start increasing the squats I’m doing. Before now I was having to lift the bar up over my head and put it on my back to squat so I never wanted to put more than 100 lbs of weight on the bar so I wouldn’t hurt myself. Well for Christmas my son got me an awesome squat rack so now I feel much more comfortable gradually increasing the weight. Although now I need some heavier plates.

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First chance to use the new study squat rack. Love it!

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I am definitely going to stick with this until the end of the month and see how I feel then. How did you do this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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3 thoughts on “1/9 Weightloss Wednesday: First Week on Carnivore

  • Carnivore diet is going well! Down 8 pounds in a week (not in Keto prior to beginning) not feeling much different than prior, but better than the first few days of getting into Keto. Still drinking coffee (with cream only) and some spices for flavoring. Otherwise sticking to meat only. It’s kind of liberating not having to put much thought into what I’m eating. Shopping is pretty easy as well! Stomach is definitely adjusting to the whole new way of eating… first plugged up, now swinging back the other way (some of that definitely could just be me) an elimination sort of diet is one of the reasons I chose to do this. Anyway happy with weight loss, hoping for better energy and clearer thinking.

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