11/9 Weightloss Wednesday: Making My Body Great Again!

11/9 Weightloss Wednesday: Making My Body Great Again!

11/9 Weightloss Wednesday: Making My Body Great Again!

It’s time for another Weightloss Wednesday!  As of this morning I am at 237.6 pounds which means I am 162.4 pounds lighter now than I used to be. Which is a good thing but earlier this week I was a hair’s breadth away from 235, but my grandson had a birthday party and while I didn’t eat any cake or ice cream I might have had a few chips and salsa. The party only serve to remind me that I am still incredibly insulin  resistant and that even the smallest amount of carbs can wreck my weight lost. However, it is nice to see that even with a cheat day mixed into the week I could still continue my weight-loss journey.

In other news, on my Facebook page last night I did a short video explaining why I was Voting the way that I was voting. I wanted to wait until after the votes were done because I didn’t want to influence anyone to vote one way or the other but now that it’s done and Donald Trump has won presidency I thought this would be a good time to talk about some of my frustrations that I was dealing with in the run-up to the election.

About a month ago I got a notice from my insurance company telling me that my premiums for the next year we’re going to go up by over $300 a month. Keep in mind that this is the insurance that I absolutely have to have, not for medical reasons because I don’t really have any medical issues but because President Obama mandated that I have to have medical health insurance. So it was devastating to find out that the insurance that I absolutely have to pay in order to be compliant with the law is going to increase so much that I would have to make a choice between not having the insurance and not being in compliance with federal law or paying the insurance and basically just going bankrupt because I do not have an extra $350 a month to spend on insurance, especially insurance that I’m not actually using. The other thing that is frustrating about this particular development is the fact that when I was under a doctor’s care all my doctor did was make me sicker by giving me bad dietary advice to handle my blood pressure, my weight, my metabolic syndrome and the other issues that I was struggling with in my house. I was getting the standard medical advice which was to eat lots of heart healthy grains, to cut out fat and basically to do all the things that I now know are 100% the wrong thing to do when your trying to take control of your health. Now I’ve been told that I have to pay an extra $300 a month for the privilege of receiving bad medical advice from doctors that I will rarely if ever go to.

This was the primary reason why I felt compelled to vote for Donald Trump for president. I had a financial stake in this particular election because if Hillary Clinton had won and there had been no changes to Obamacare as it stands now I would have probably gone bankrupt at some point next year or have to apply for some kind of Government assistance.  Keep in mind that I’m the guy that when he had 4 kids living at home figured out how to coupon, figured out how to control his food budget and learned how to live frugally for the specific purpose of not having to go on food stamps or any other kind of federal assistance. And now here I am with all the kids moved out and I’m living with just me and my wife and I’m having to consider going on some kind of federal assistance just to make ends meet to pay for this medical insurance. It’s absolutely crazy!

So having said all of that let me just say again  that  your medical destiny is in your own hands.  A lot of the issues that you deal with in your body can be fixed just by changing your diet . You can do it and I’m here to help.  Please feel free to reach out if you need anything from me.

How are you progressing?  Let me know in the comments below!

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11/9 Weightloss Wednesday: Making My Body Great Again!

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3 thoughts on “11/9 Weightloss Wednesday: Making My Body Great Again!

  • Hello,

    Today makes week one for me im alittle discouraged by the scale ! I have been using the keto strips and for the last three days ive been in ketosis so I know I have to keep on keeping on! I do feel differant I have lots of energy but im wondering if im taking in enough calories or if i even need to worry about that. Im not sure if i had ever mention it in our coversations but I am type 2 taking metformin was twice daily now im once daily and my goal is to be free of the meds. I have always experianced dawn phenomenon but this morning my results were lower than my bed time results ,the first time in years! So I feel I am on the right track but would appreciate any adive u think I may need!

    Thx for being here!!!!

    • That’s so awesome to hear! Just remember that after a while the ketone body stops appearing in your urine so if if that’s what you are testing, don’t get discouraged if it starts to taper off. It doesn’t mean anything. But if you are testing blood, son’t worry about that.

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