2/20 Weightloss Wednesday: Getting a Sleep Schedule

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It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday! This morning I am at 241.8 lbs which means I am pretty much where I’ve been for months.

The one positive I have is that after about 2 months, I think I am finally getting used to getting up at 3AM. I am just not a morning person naturally and have a hard time getting to bed early enough to get enough rest. I have started trying to take a short nap in the afternoon to kind of catch up on my rest. Sleeping in shifts isn’t ideal but it seems to be getting the job done.

The biggest change I’ve seen to my life since getting on top of my sleep is an increased willingness to work out. There where days when I would just stare at my kettlebell and could not muster up the willpower to pick it up but for the last week or so, it hasn’t been an issue. My workouts have been getting done and I am starting to see a few changes in my arms especially.

Nutrition has been pretty on point but I did have a piece of King cake yesterday because I had never had one and I was curious what it tasted like. Turns out it tastes like a cinnamon roll so I didn’t miss anything.

How is it going with you? Let me know in the comments!

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