3/22 Weightloss Wednesday: Your Health Affects More Than Just You!

3/22 Weightloss Wednesday: Your Health Affects More Than Just You!

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It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  It’s been a good week as I am down to 214, which means I have lost 186 lbs.  Playing with IF has really allowed me to not only get under 215 but stabilize there.  I figure I’m about 2 weeks away from being under 210, then it’s on to 200!

After last week’s podcast interview with Tracy Reifkind, I have decided to take her SwingLean course and add Kettlebell swings to my workouts.  In fact, I think I’m going to stop doing everything else and just do kettlebell swings for a few months and see what happens.  I just need to get my hands on a kettlebell to get started.

Those of you in the 28 Day Challenge room know that this has been a challenging week for me as my father passed away this weekend.  I loved my father but he reminded me how vitally important it is to take control over your health.  He had the same high blood pressure that I have but never did anything to handle it.  He had a stroke on Friday that incapacitated the left side of his body, followed by a blood clot that traveled to his brain on Saturday.  It all happened so fast I wasn’t able to see him before he died and since his desire was to be cremated immediately, I’ll never see him again.  People, your health is no joke.  Lose the weight, get rid of the T2D, lower the BP, do what you need to do to fix yourself.  Your health affects more than just you.

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