4/24 Weightloss Wednesday: Tracking and Weight Loss

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday! As of this morning I am at 236.8 lbs which means I have lost a little over 3 lbs this month. Great news! Let’s discuss what I did to achieve this.

First thing is my month long fast from cheese. I did this just to see what would happen and the main thing I’ve noticed is a lack of snacking. I didn’t realize that my go to snack between meals or even before meals was a couple pieces of cheese. However, this didn’t seem to cause any actual weight loss because I didn’t lose a pound the first 2 weeks of the month.

What I actually attribute to the weight loss to was a commitment I made a few weeks ago to start tracking my food intake with the Lose It app. This has made some enormous changes in my habits that I didn’t think were possible. For the longest time I resisted using a tracking app because I thought it was unnecessary. Just eat Keto and the pounds fall off and for the first 200 lbs, that was exactly the case.

However, once I hit that mark of 200 lbs lost, things seemed to change. My diet didn’t change but my weight did, I ended up gaining 40 lbs that would not come off despite my best efforts. Fortunately, I follow some of the brightest people in this field on Twitter and get to interview them on my podcast and something that kept coming up was the possibility that I was just going to be stuck at this weight for the rest of my life. Well that wasn’t an option.

Another option that gets floated by people on Twitter is to just cut calories. This really messed with my head because I eat to satiation and try not to over eat so the idea that I was imply eating too much to lose wasn’t a pleasant one. I have come this far specifically because I wasn’t struggling with hunger pains and the idea that calorie restriction was going to get me to the next level was synonymous with going hungry all the time.

So what I did was spent a week not changing anything about what I ate but tracking and looking at the number of calories I was eating. Sure enough, according to the app I was eating about 300 calories per day more than what the app estimated I needed to eat at for weight loss. The next week I made a concerted effort to stay below the red line and sure enough, that’s when the weight started coming off.

Am I saying you have to track every calorie to lose? No. I lost 200 lbs not tracking a thing. But using it to get those last few steps over the finish line? That might be something you need to consider.

How did you do this week? Let me know in the comments below!

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