This Week in Low Carb News – Lying Bacon, Elderly Statin Patients and Genetic Freaks

Every week my browser fills up with tabs of stories I want to talk about. I never get to them all so this is everything I think is interesting in the Low Carb/Keto/Healthy Diet field from this week.

Most Uncured Bacon is a Lie – I love bacon but I am undecided about whether or not Nitrates or Nitrites are something to be worried about. However, I was under the impression that uncured bacon had fewer of them so I was surprised to learn “uncured” doesn’t really mean what I thought it meant. It just goes to show that relying in a large company to process your meat is always a bad idea and I need to learn how to make my own bacon.

Statins: the 3p pill that continues to cause uproar in the medical world – Turns out that the claim that giving a statin to everyone over the age of 75 could save 8000 lives a year was totally made up. There’s no data that even pretends to show that. Absolutely nuts. The Twitter discussion is pretty good as well.

This Genetic Mutation Makes People Feel Full — All the Time – Wouldn’t it be nice to never feel hungry? There are apparently people who can do that and it is all because of their genetics. Very interesting.

New study finds simple way to inoculate teens against junk food marketing – Turns out that if you tell young people that junk food marketers are manipulating them to make poor nutritional choices, it makes them less likely to eat that junk food.

Do Humans Need Vitamin C? – A very interesting look at how Vitamin C is metabolized and used by someone on a Low Carb diet. It made me wonder if Vitamin C supplementation is something we can do to prevent glucose absorption. For what it’s worth, it would be an interesting experiment and Vitamin C is cheap and easy to come by.

Why Giving Up My Dietitian’s License Was The Healthy Choice – How crazy is that Cassie Bjork though it would be easier to just give up her LD degree rather than fight about her low carb recommendations? What a crazy world we live in.

SUGAR INDUSTRY PAID SCIENTISTS TO CALL FAT THE CULPRIT OF CORONARY HEART DISEASE -Another look at why fat was blamed for what the sugar did.

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