5/1 Weightloss Wednesday: No Cheese Recap



It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday! I am at 237.4 lbs as of this morning so no weight loss this week.

This is the end of my month long experiment with no cheese and I definitely learned a few things. First of all, I love cheese. Like really love it. I didn’t realize how much I love it until I went without it for a month and now I can definitively say that cheese is awesome. I did lose 3 lbs this month but it’s hard to say if that was because of the cheese.

Something else I learned was that I was probably eating too much cheese overall. I would be thinking about what to cook for lunch and cut a few pieces of cheese to eat while I figured that out. A little hungry between meals? Cheese. Bored? Cheese. So it highlighted something I probably need to look at during plateaus or stalls.

I am also making a concerted effort to do a little more weight lifting than normal. Nothing huge but progressing my weight a little faster than normal to try and grow muscle. Like I said, nothing huge but at least something I’m trying.

How did you do this week? I would love to know in the comments below!

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