5/4 Weightloss Wednesday: 31 Lbs Down!

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5/4 Weightloss Wednesday: 31 Lbs Down!

It’s time for another Weightloss Wednesday!  I was a little disappointed that I only lost one pound this week but it was my own fault.  I had a family member in the hospital and a dentist appt that lasted all day, in both cases I ended up eating a bunch of chips and salsa at a Mexican restaurant.  Those salty chips are absolutely my biggest weakness right now but even with that, my weight still went down a bit.

I’ve also been really good about riding my bike for 5 miles a day.  In fact, bike riding has become my can’t-miss, must-do exercise every day; to the point that I feel really odd if I miss it for whatever reason.   The yoga I wanted to start my day with?  Not so much.  I haven’t done it in weeks and don’t miss it at all.  Maybe I tried to do too much too soon and maybe I’ll circle back to it in a few weeks.

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5/4 Weightloss Wednesday: 31 Lbs Down!


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