6/19 Weightloss Wednesday: My Coke Addiction


It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday! As of this morning I am at 231.8 lbs which means I have actually gained a few pounds since last week. This is exactly what happened the last time I went carnivore for a month, I lost weight initially then it stabilized and creeped back on.


However, we need to talk about the BIG thing that happened this week. It’s so big, I still can’t wrap my head around it. It’s like I went looking for cool rocks and struck gold by accident. Here’s what happened.


On the first I started my carnivore experiment which included not drinking any Coke Zero, my one inescapable vice. The first 10 days went like these no Coke fasts go, I do it but I hate it. I literally obsess over my Coke Zero until the experiment is over. Well this time I didn’t even make it to the end of the experiment, in the tenth I CRACKED. that’s the best way to describe it. I drank every drop of Coke in the house, then left to buy more and drink that. It tasted so good!


But here’s the next thing that happened. The next morning I had gained about 5 lbs. Whoa! I changed nothing else about my diet and was for sure at a calorie deficit but somehow gained 5 lbs! This was proof positive (to me at least) that Coke Zero stimulates insulin for me which might evocation why I had such a hard time losing weight for the last 18 months or so.


But here’s the important part of the story, once I saw this, every bit of desire for Coke Zero disappeared. I don’t fully understand why but it’s been over a week now and I don’t have any of the cravings I typically have for Coke Zero. Honestly, I wish there was a way to boil this down to a firm’s because I could sell it and become a millionaire because I know a lot of Ketoers that can’t get off the Diet soft drink train and I would love to help but that’s what happened to me somehow.


So that’s my story for the week, how did you do? Tell me in the comments below!


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One thought on “6/19 Weightloss Wednesday: My Coke Addiction

  • Wow! Thank you for the info….
    I’ve wondered if 8 drops of liquid stevia may actually ruin any progress or my health.

    I use it for coffee usually 2 times a day.
    Thanks Sheila

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