7/19 Weightloss Wednesday: Still Losing!


It’s Weightloss Wednesday! Man oh man, what a week!  After the thrill of finally getting below 200 last week, I slacked off a bit and fully expected my weight to creep up over that line this week but that is not what happened.  as of this morning, I am at 198 lbs which means that not only have I lost a total of 202 lbs so far but more than a pound and a half since last week.  Wow!

So here’s why that is so amazing to me.  I did 2 things this weekend to celebrate that milestone.  First thing I did was eat a big ice cream sundae.

Now, this isn’t as bad as you might think because that’s Halo Top ice cream which is very low in sugar, homemade “Magic Shell” that is essentially flavored coconut oil and homemade whipped cream, both of which are sugar free.  It wasn’t bad in terms of total carbs but it’s easily the largest dessert I’ve eaten since I started this journey of mine.

Then the next night we ordered Mexican food for take out and I totally chowed down on some chips and salsa.  Definitely not keto!  But I fully expected to see my weight tick up as a result of these 2 indulgences so another pound and a half of weight loss is pretty shocking to see.  I think the major takeaway from this is my Insulin Resistance seems to be a thing of the past which is great news for me.

However, all of that is done and I’m done celebrating.  I am going to continue on keto and keep my weight falling until I get down to at least 170 and then I’ll see what happens but for now, the next big goal is 190 and I know I’ll get there!

How are you doing this week?  Let me know in the comments!

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