8/8 Weightloss Wednesday: My Week of OMAD

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  As of this morning I am at 231.8 lbs which means my first week of OMAD netted me about a 3 lb weight loss.  I’ll take it!

So before I dive into what I’m learning, in the interest of full disclosure I shout say that I cheated a little on Tuesday morning.  I had the opportunity to eat breakfast out with my wife and daughter so I had 2 meals that day but other than that, just a large dinner at night of mostly meat and vegetables.  If you want to see examples of what I’m eating you can head to my Instagram page here and see pics of my meals but sometimes I forget to take pics until after I eat so it’s a bit sporadic.

So a couple things I’ve been noticing this week.  First of all, my worries about being tempted to eat on my days off out of boredom were unfounded.  It wasn’t any issue to focus on other things and not think about food.  The only slight difficulty was my grand-daughter really didn’t understand why I wasn’t eating with her.  I would typically cook an extra piece of bacon or cut an extra piece of cheese and she would eat with me and now I was just making her food and not really sharing mine.  I was tempted to eat not because of hunger but more because I really like doing things with her and the thought of this ending was a little uncomfortable emotionally for me.

Second, hunger fades.  I knew this but it is nice to be reminded of it.  If I have a little bout of hunger, all I have to do is wait and it fades away.  I haven’t experienced any loss of energy or general grumpiness (I think!) so I’m good there as well.  I haven’t had any crazy “I have to eat now or I will die!” type feelings.

Third, fasted exercise has its challenges.  I like to work out just before I break my fast and I don’t have any issues with weight bearing exercises like what I do in my Stronglifts program.  But the cardio I do on the other days is a totally different animal.  I am swinging my kettlebell for 20-30 minutes and by about minute 8 I can really feel the lack of food affecting me.   I get a bit nauseous and feel a little weak.  Of course I should say that I’ve always been a bit prone to this when doing cardio as I just have never had much endurance for exercise.  Short bursts of strength are one thing but sustained output with high heart rate has always been rough for me.

So all in all, it’s been a good week and I can’t wait to see what the next week brings!

How did you do?  Let me know in the comments!

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