9/14 Weightloss Wednesday: Over 155 Lbs Down!

9/14 Weightloss Wednesday: Over 155 Lbs Down!

It’s time for Weightloss Wednesday!  As of this morning I am at 244.2 lbs which means I am 155.8 lbs lighter now than when I was at my heaviest.  That is fantastic news but I am a smidge disappointed it wasn’t more.  On Sunday, just before the 28 Day Challenge started I decided to cheat just a little bit an have some onion rings.  Of course that made my weight go up about a pound.  It is kind of interesting to see how ridiculously insulin resistant I still am that a small order of onion rings has enough carbs to not only pack on a full pound in one day but hold my weight steady for 3 days and keep me from losing weight.  At least I still feel like I’m going to be able to reach my goal of getting under 240 by the end of the month.


As for as what I’m eating, with the exception of the above onion rings, everything else is going well.  I am continuing to not eat carbs, sugar or any processed foods and I feel awesome doing it.  Also, the Intermittent Fasting protocol I started last month some time has been incredibly effective and easy.  I still can’t believe I can stop eating around 8PM and not get hungry again until around 2 the next day.  It is really an amazing piece of the weight loss puzzle.  I’m also continuing to read Dr Fung’s book The Obesity Code and am looking forward to his collaboration with Jimmy Moore on a book dedicated to fasting.


Now that I learned my lesson about stretching, I make sure to spend at least 15 minutes before I do any heavy lifting stretching out my hips, legs and back.  Someone pointed out that one of the reasons I was having some mild knee pain was probably because my hips were too tight and sure enough, as soon as I started doing stretches (mostly just squatting) that specifically targeted my hips, the knee pain started decreasing.  That’s great because the StrongLifts regimen I’m doing requires a lot of squatting so I was afraid I was going to blow out a knee.

All in all, things are going well.  I’m excited about the 28 Day Challenge that started Monday and it’s awesome to hear the stories that are already trickling in of little victories that people are experiencing and I would it if you would join us all over there if you would like some encouragement and community on your weight loss journey.

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