9/27 Weightloss Wednesday: Bon Bons?

It’s time for a Weightloss Wednesday!  As of yesterday afternoon, I am 204.4 lbs.  A little higher than where I want to be but I’m not too concerned about it.

Tonight at work, something weird happened.  Something that hasn’t happened in years.  I have talked many times about what is my real Achilles heel when it comes to the low carb life, chips and salsa.  If I go to a Mexican restaurant and they put chips on the table, I cannot stop myself from eating them.  And not just a few either, as many as I can shove in my piehole.  Well, I have another weakness also but I never talk about it because it never comes up, until tonight.

I love frozen bon-bons.  Now it’s been years since I’ve had them but something about the little frozen creme centers absolutely does it for me and tonight, there was a box available at work.  And I had one.  And then another.  And then another.  And then another.  It was an odd experience because I knew I needed to stop and they weren’t doing me any favors but I just couldn’t tear myself away from them.  It was almost surreal how much my will power absolutely deserted me in my time of need.

I haven’t weighed myself since it happened but I am terrified I’m going to have gained 10 pounds.  I know that’s ridiculous but still, it totally got in my head.  As I thought through what happened, I realized that I have been a little lax since I met my big goal.  Nothing major but a little more Coke Zero than the none I was drinking previously, or maybe a spoonful of peanut butter every once in a while.  Like I said, nothing major but enough to make me realize that I was getting too comfortable with compromising.

So I decided on a solution.  Starting today, I’m going to use my Instagram account as a way to make myself accountable.  Everything I put in my mouth, I’m going to snap a pic and put it on IG.  I know, that makes for a terrible IG feed but I need to get back to basics.  If you would like to follow on, just click here.

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