Eat Like a Gladiator to Get Fat and Those Poor Vegans

I get so much stuff in my inboxes that I want to comment on and can never find the time.  I’ve decided to make a short video where I can rant into the camera and not have to write a long post.  Hope you enjoy it.  Please subscribe to my YouTube channel and give this video a thumbs up.  Thanks!

Eat Like a Gladiator – Turns out Roman gladiators wanted to pack on a few extra pounds.  How did they do that?  By eating a diet high in grains and vegetables.

Blood test is highly accurate at identifying Alzheimer’s before symptoms arise – Exciting new advancement in the detection of Alzheimer’s risk when combined with other risk factors.

A Ketogenic Diet Is Acceptable in Women with Ovarian and Endometrial Cancer and Has No Adverse Effects on Blood Lipids: a Randomized, Controlled Trial. – Turns out people can adhere to a Ketogenic Diet when properly motivated.

Home Insulinometry Project – Moving one step closer to a home medical device for measuring insulin directly.  Can you help them with the project?

Impossible Burgers Touching Beef Whoppers Have Vegans on Alert – The things these poor vegans have to put up with.  I’m so sorry your crappy soy patty is touching a actual burger in a burger place.

Watch Fat: A Documentary – I have made no secret of my respect and even love for Vinnie Tortorich.  You need to watch this documentary today!

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