Keto Tip: 5 Ways to Be Frugal on a Ketogenic Diet!

Keto Tip: 5 Ways to Be Frugal on a Ketogenic Diet!

UPDATE:  I have written an ebook How to be Frugal on a Ketogenic Diet full of awesome frugal tips and tactics to help you save money at the grocery store n real foods.  Pick up your copy here!


It is VERY important to me to eat healthy for as little as possible because I don’t have a lot of extra money to spend of groceries.  Also, I kind of make my living teaching people how to save money at the grocery store so I figure if anyone can eat a ketogenic diet on a budget, it’s me.

Here are 5 tips you can use every week at the grocery store to save money on real food.

Use coupons

Every other week I put a list of coupons for real food together so you see what available.  You can also use a Coupon Database to search for coupons for specific products.

Use the local ads

Every week the stores in your area put out their ads.  You can use the Flipp app to see all those ads in on your smartphone, then just look through them and look for any amazing deals.  Then either go to Walmart and ad match (if your Walmart still does that) or go to the store with the best deals for your shopping.

Buy in bulk

Either shop at a bulk warehouse like Sams or CostCo or find a local butcher shop where you can buy half a cow or an entire pig at one low rate per pound.  I’ve done this from time to time and you can usually negotiate an easy monthly payment with your meat market and get about 6 months of meat at one time.  You also see if there is a CSA or something like Bountiful Baskets in your area to save on produce.

Shop early in the morning

This tip is specifically for meat.  Every morning the meat department at your local grocery store will look through the meat and start discounting the older meat for quicker sale.  You might want to ask about what time your store does this but I know if I hit my store about 10 AM, I can usually find some great deals.

Use smartphone apps

There are several apps you find here that will give you money back when you buy certain foods and usually produce is included in the rebates.  For instance, right now Ibotta has discounts on onions, peppers, eggs, cheese, and more.

I use these tips every week to make sure that I’m spending at little as possible at the grocery store.  If you find them useful, please leave me a comment and let me know!

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Keto Tip: 5 Ways to Be Frugal on a Ketogenic Diet!


11 thoughts on “Keto Tip: 5 Ways to Be Frugal on a Ketogenic Diet!

  • Hello,
    My name is Melody and im just starting my journey and at this very moment im so over whelmed! You know that…am I eating the right stuff!!! If you have any advice for me I would greatly appreciate it!

      • Thank You so much for your quick response and the links I need to do this right! This morning I caved big time and ATE A POP TART then OHHHH the guilt that followed and the anger with myself! I may need your shoulder from time to time and thank you again for the info!


        • That’s totally fine. Honestly, the best thing to do is to go through your house and throw all the junk food out. It’s tough to cheat when there’s nothing to cheat with. I usually keep a few “acceptable” treats around like pork rinds or almonds when I want a snack but the best thing to do is just to drink a glass of water.

          • I have read so much info on keto, which is why I think I feel so overwelmed! Tell me is it neccessary to make sure im eating the right macros or am I really making this more difficult than it is, and how do I know if im eating enough fat or not?

          • It’s an easy thing to over-complicate but it’s fairly easy. You want to eat no simple carbs (Sugar, grains, potatoes, etc), low complex carbs (mostly vegetables), a moderate amount of protein and fat until you are full. You don’t need to worry about tracking macros just drop the carbs and make sure the meat you are eating is fatty meat instead of lean and you will begin to see the needle move on both your weight and overall health.

  • It’s a bit confounding to grasp at first but quickly starts to make sense once you believe your eyes as the scale moves down and your energy and health markers soar! It is super-important to follow the diet 100% and becomes easy fairly quickly as you understand it more fully and notice your initial cravings and confusion disappear! I’ve been on it 6 months, and my health is now superb, amazing my doctors and me too! My energy is as it was in my 20’s. Stick with it closely and it will take you places long dreamed of! I’m still not “there” but I feel as if I am already.

  • I have been eating keto for the most part for about a week a d have noticed zero differences. Is my mind being to ambitious to think I should notice something by now? And since I haven’t my desire to “cheat” is much stronger. Also I was diagnosed in Jan with Celiac disease so there’s that. Look forward to hearing back. Also what are the coupon apps and other helpful tools Please?

    Thanks so much for your assist,

    • I like the apps and you can find them all at This way of eating will definitely help with the celiacs but what you are going to find out is if you have a preexisting condition like Celiac, your weight loss will be much slower but that’s a good thing! What’s happening is your body is focusing on the more important issue, namely repairing your intestines and restoring your ability to properly digest and absorb food. Just keep at it and allow your body to heal and you will see progress.

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