Babies conceived via IVF are SIX TIMES more likely to have high blood pressure as teenagers – This isn’t diet related but it fascinates me none the less.  Every time we circumvent nature, it would seem there is a cost.  If only there was a dietary intervention that raised fertility rates.  Oh well.

Researchers identify molecule with anti-aging effects on vascular system, study finds – Guess what it is!  No, go ahead, guess.  I’ll wait.  Did you guess β-Hydroxybutyrate?  Did you?

The Bizarre Fad Diet Taking the Far Right by Storm – OK, I am a fan of Mother Jones.  I find their reporting to be insightful and often covers topics others don’t.  After all, they were the ones that found that Big Sugar subsidized science in the 50s.  But the Carnivore diet is a Far Right diet?   What?  Granted only far left Commie Pinkos eat a Vegan diet but is is the opposite true?  Is it possible the lack of good nutrition from a Vegan diet makes people Communists and a nourishing meat diet makes someone clear thinking enough to be more Conservative?  Who knows, all I can do is make wild accusations.

Non-diabetics are using diabetes technology to track their blood sugar and improve their health – Not gonna lie, this article makes me want to wear a Continuous Glucose Monitor.  It also makes me want a Continuous Insulin Monitor.

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