What’s Sugar Free at Starbucks?

What's Sugar Free at Starbucks?

This week we are looking at What’s Sugar Free at Starbucks.  This was an important thing for me to figure out because it always seems like I end up at Starbucks for all kinds of meetings or social events and just black coffee with cream was getting a little old.  Sometimes you just want to order that Grande coffee in a venti cup with 2 pumps Sugar-Free hazelnut, 2 pumps Sugar-Free vanilla, 2 pumps Sugar-Free Cinnamon Dulce, 2 equals and 4 Sweet and Lows filled to the top with cream, with extra cream on the side, double cupped with no sleeve, a stir stick, and stopper put in the top like all the other people I’m there with.  (Just kidding, if anyone I’m with orders anything even close to this, I leave and delete their contact info from my phone.) 🙂

So Starbucks is a little different than the other restaurants we’ve covered in that all their drinks are assembled piece by piece so you can make most of their drinks sugar free just by requesting one of their sugar free syrups instead of what they normally put in there.  Currently the available sugar free syrups are Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon Dulce, and Mocha and they also have special Holiday flavors like Peppermint that are only available at certain times of the year and of course you can always ask to have your drink sweetened with Splenda.  Unfortunately, the whipped cream has sugar and there doesn’t appear to be a sugar free option for this.

Also, on the food items, most of the bread contains sugar except for the flat wraps and focaccia rolls but you can doctor several of the meals to make them sugar free.  You can find ways to do that next to the items listed below.  If a menu item isn’t listed, it means I couldn’t find a way to remove the sugar from it.

So here are your Sugar Free options at Starbucks.

UPDATE: How much Sugar is in the New Starbucks Unicorn drink?

I got this question in my email today.  Short answer? A buttload.  Like, a massive truckload of sugar.  A 16-ounce Unicorn Frappe contains 410 calories, 16 grams of fat, and 59 grams of sugar, while the 24-ounce version has 500 calories, 18 grams of fat, and a mind-blowing 76 grams of sugar.  This isn’t a good choice if you are trying to cut out sugar, you would be better off eating an entire large pizza and honestly, I bet it would taste better.

Sugar Free Drinks at Starbucks

Frappuccino – Request it sugar free with one of the sugar free syrups listed above (Vanilla, Hazelnut, Cinnamon Dulce, or Mocha)

Fresh Coffee – Of course you can get this with cream and/or Splenda but if you want a little extra flavor, add one of the sugar free syrups

Kid’s Drinks – They will steam milk and add one of the sugar free syrups, just be sure they don’t put the flavored drizzle on top.

Iced Coffee – Again, same as the fresh coffee above

Hot Chocolate – Just order it with the sugar free mocha syrup and take off the chocolate sauce drizzle

Iced Tea – The Tea can be unsweet or sweetened with Splenda but unfortunately the lemonade is pre-sweetened so no Arnold Palmers

Sugar Free Food at Starbucks

Egg & Cheddar Breakfast Sandwich – Just remove the bread

Reduced-Fat Turkey Bacon Breakfast Sandwich – Take bacon and bread off

Spicy Chorizo, Monterey Jack & Egg Breakfast Sandwich – Take the bread off but the Chorizo only contains dextrose, no fructose

Spinach & Feta Breakfast Wrap – Unfortunately the sun dried tomato cream cheese spread contains a little sugar and I don’t think you can easily have it removed but I wanted to put this on here because it’s one of the few things they have where the bread doesn’t have sugar.

Chicken Artichoke on Ancient Grain Flatbread – Only the bread contains sugar

Hearty Veggie & Brown Rice Salad Bowl –  Only the side dressing contains sugar

Roasted Tomato & Mozzarella Panini – The focaccia roll is made without sugar so this is one of the few sandwiches we can eat as is.

Zesty Chicken & Black Bean Salad Bowl – The dressing contains honey but is served on the side

Omega-3 Bistro Box – Just don’t eat the chocolate or cranberries in the trail mix

Protein Bistro Box – Just don’t eat the side of honey peanut butter spread and be careful of the raisins in the pita if you are avoiding those.

Remember you can find the full list of restaurants we’ve covered here.  Thanks!

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  • Pat

    October 16, 2016

    I was just at Starbucks and ordered a caramel carp with the sugar free caramel syrup. While the Barrista was mixing my drink I saw her squirt in something else. I asked what it was and she said it was a stabilizer. I asked if it had sugar in it and she said yes. She said the best they could do was to put in the light stabilizer which still contains sugar. Have you heard of this? Any suggestions?

    • Aarn Farmer

      October 17, 2016

      Hmm…I haven’t. Doing a little research, every time I see “Stabilizer” listed in a drinks ingredients it is broken down into things like Guar Gum or Xantham Gum. I can’t find anywhere where sugar is listed as an ingredient. Perhaps next time one of us is in a Starbucks, we can ask to see the ingredients on that stabilizer and see for ourselves. IF you get there first, please let me know. Here’s the ingredient list I’m looking at.


  • Elizabeth R

    October 18, 2016

    Sorry but the whipped cream has vanilla syrup that is full of sugar. I made it everyday I worked at Starbucks

    • Aarn Farmer

      October 18, 2016

      Ah… you are correct. The way it is written out on the ingredients list I thought the vanilla syrup was part of the drink and not the whipped cream. Thanks for bringing that to my attention and I’ll fix it now.

      • Elizabeth

        July 24, 2017

        Substitions “Heavy Cream” has no sugar. they won’t whip it but it is a good supliment. I’m a Ketogenic fan.

  • Traci

    November 15, 2016

    I used to regularly order the iced coffee, but I often found they’re trained to add “classic syrup” to iced coffee without any mention of it. So I always had to specify “no classic” to keep the sugar out! Also, cream, like heavy cream that if you buy in the grocery store shouldn’t have sugar in it, appears to have sugar in at Starbucks. Although, it’s hard to tell from their nutrition information.

    Recently, a barrista informed me of the “cold brew” (a stronger version of the iced coffee) and it does not regularly come with classic syrup, so I was able to drop that line from my order. 🙂

  • Lisa R

    December 22, 2016

    Cool to know.

  • Amanda

    June 27, 2017

    A grande Skinny Vanilla (SF syrup) late still has 15grams of sugar….likely from the milk so just be wary of what you’re ordering.

    • Aarn Farmer

      June 28, 2017

      That’s very true. Lactose is a sugar also, I just don’t talk about it as much because it does far less damage than other types of sugar but you should absolutely be aware of that.

  • Jen

    July 6, 2017

    The frappacino base even the light base has loads of sugar, only the flavour syrup is sugar free

  • Maria

    July 8, 2017

    What about almond or coconut mik in the drinks? Does it really help reduce sugar?

    • Aarn Farmer

      July 9, 2017

      It reduces the lactose so yes

    • Jen

      July 9, 2017

      That would depend on what you are replacing. If whole milk or cream then yes but a lot of the drinks can be made with water so if you really want to eliminate sugar consider water


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