Low Carb in the News: Why Dean Ornish is Wrong and Raising Beef is Good

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Every week I come across a bunch of articles I want to tweet about and comment on and every week I run out of time to do it.  This is my attempt to clear out the open tabs on my browser by putting them all in one place.  Enjoy!

Why Almost Everything Dean Ornish Says about Nutrition is Wrong –  I LOVE LOVE LOVE articles like this.  Not only do you get a knowledgeable author laying out the argument against Veganism but you get one of the head Vegans coming back and defending his position.  It shows how the key to a healthy diet is getting rid of the sugar and processed grains and if Veganism gets you there, great.  You will lose weight and feel great, until you don’t.  Then as your body screams for nutritious fat, you will come over to our side of the argument.

How a LCHF Diet will Help People with T1 Diabetes – Fantastic article in the NY Times no less about a low carb diet and its effect on Type 1 (!) Diabetes.  That is amazing!

Diabetic Doctor Offers New Treatment – Another NY Times article from 1988(!) about a low carb doctor

Joel Salatin Responds to “The Myth of Sustainable Meat” – Another great article where the head of Polyface Farms, Joel Salatin takes on a hit piece about how Farming Meat is totally unsustainable and shreds his every argument.

What did Humans Evolve to Eat – Another great article dismantling the typical Vegan arguments


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